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Spoke got other issues for friends in California. Of course for weeks, we reforming wildfires the devastation. The thousands of homes destroyed the number of people who are now homeless just weeks after the campfire wiped out the town of paradise. We now have heavy rain triggering those debris flows. Road closures another round of evacuations believe it or not. In some of the burn areas as many as one hundred vehicles were stuck on Honey run road in Butte county. That's where the fires were unable to flee. The Butte creek canyon. Yeah. Those vehicles were finally later free to believe it or not no injuries reported. There were actually a pair of debris flows that overtook that road trapping about fifty people in their homes above one of those flows. It was a pretty serious situation. According to the sheriff that water coming up. We wanna make sure we get everybody out that we can south of Chico California highway ninety nine closed in both directions. According to the highway patrol Thursday afternoon, Orange County. Authorities ordered the evacuation of canyon that's in the Santa Ana mountains another area where the wildfires burned earlier this year as the heavier rain moved into southern California also triggering some travel woes several crashes actually had a man clinging to a tree in the Los Angeles river north of downtown rescued by the fire department by L. Copter this past afternoon. Health officials warning residents in southern California this past day to avoid the beach water, which may contain bacteria, chemicals, debris trash you name. It. It's all being swept out into the ocean with the heavy rains. So you go from one extreme to dry conditions to the opposite end of the spectrum now with heavy rains and debris flows in California. I guess the one bit of good news is as far as additional wildfire activity in the coming days. Not very likely to see any of that. Because things are really getting soaked a big time for much of California as I said tonight rains extended all the way down into the southern most reaches of California, even at a northern Baja California Mexico. So underway here on a Friday morning. Good to have you with us. We'll get to some of our industry headlines coming up here momentarily. I did catch from the folks at land line this past day. We're looking for a driver police in Hammonton, New Jersey are asking for our assistance in a for a missing trucker. Who was apparently last seen on Halloween? At that spent a month ago. Sixty two year old John ring a driver for express dedicated LLC was reported missing about eight days ago. So we'll give you the latest on. What was transpiring there? What we have as far as description and all that all coming up here. And of course, we'll get to your calls ahead as well. Toll-free around the country. Our number's eight eight eight eight six zero eighty seven eighty five eight six zero t r u k okay, rob got the latest. What's going on? With the news update. All the breaking. What's happened in just ahead here on ATM? Attention all truckers de Michael the tax doctor here, I want to talk to you about those dreaded tax problems. And all you want to keep on truckin, not even think about them. But let's face it. They're not going away.

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