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With anxiety before live shows. I genuinely feel notions on the David Show. I wake up. I feel who but Lord, When you have what it takes, you could be a voice thing or it could be all kinds of questions. Come into your head. The monkey gets on your back, and then the closer you get to the show, and he tried to get the monkey off your back. And if it goes well You know you take the monkey on stage with you on both. Have fun. Keep listening. Toe I heart radio for more of your favorite artists. Way away news radio time. 5 30, our top story state epidemiologist, Dr Rachel Hurley, he says Colorado has seen three cases of a new covert 19 variant. We do know that has caused some concerning outbreaks in California. And so while we're continuing to study it across the U. S and the globe, we are tracking it specifically here in Colorado. That new variant is the al 452 are variants. There are 13 additional cases of the B 117 variant so far in Colorado, three weeks after being diagnosed with lung cancer actor Dustin Diamond has died last month. We got word that Dustin Diamond, best known for playing screech on saved by the Bell was really sick and admitted to the hospital in Florida. What exactly was wrong? Wasn't cleared first. Then we found out it was lung cancer. Three weeks later, the 44 year old actor and reality stars died, his rep saying. The only positive thing about the pace is that it happened so quickly. Diamond didn't suffer. That's a B C's Jason Nathan's son. Well, an afternoon nap may help you think more. Clearly, researchers analyzed more than 2000 Chinese adults over age 60 and found that those who took afternoon naps..

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