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A little bit there y'all have made me think of the reverse in how important this game is for boston i'll go this far if boston loses tonight it's over thank yeah i mean they come back to boston three one down and it's you know who's not getting a lot of credit given a lot of credit and i have to to brad stevens but tied liu his ability to make adjustments defensively saw it in indiana serious switched up how he was guarding the pick and roll all people you know how hard it is to have to be able to coat lebron james updates down days when he feels like he's in the mood he's not getting credit watched it adjustments is going to take place in tonight's game defensively and offense for cleveland yet if not because lebron is because of what time lou been overshadowed by quin snyder and brad stevens tie lou out coach nate mcmillan in that series you go back tie who had a great series against the pacers i think we're looking so much at all these other coaches because let's be honest curse famous antonis famous brand ron coaches the calf you know what those with bill jack if you look at i did a thing right and i don't know where it's at is in there somewhere tied lose first fifty games in playoffs all right he's won thirty he's tied with phil jackson thirty seven and thirteen he's ahead of pet roddy and the head of gregg popovich all of them had transformational players all of them walked in and they had somebody there but of course they get overshadow yeah because they had these superstars don't get the credit entitled right there and fifty game well right time when those not all of them probably have more talent all up and down the roster than thailand thailand got that job i had a friend who worked for the clippers and he said let me tell you among coaches tyler was very respected i think tyler gets overshadowed by higher profile coaches i think he's had a really good point.

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