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Have a similar accident. Didn't your mother ever teaches simple matters miss daniels aye lassie she did and i can be exceedingly seemingly polite. When i'm dealing with human beings wow i mean she's almost comically terrible except not not really because they're totally people like that and yeah <hes> i i was gonna say this is definitely one of those weeks when mutant says a metaphor feel more frustrating and fraught than usual given current events who yeah well a a on the upside shields driver for this mission. A guy named chuck rose is pretty great. He's starstruck and very complimentary toward guido who's a talk show celebrity by this point and he charmingly flirts with a very receptive wolf spain. This is the part where where i feel like the art jumps. The shark in some really bad ways like there is a panel where it's just it's just pretty not okay yeah yeah but <hes> chuck nice at least so there's that so yeah but he's gonna turn out to be a villain so at least it's a nice felon. I mean i guess he's still villain. Well it anyway before we find that out the team of rap scallions with all of their delightful racist banter <hes> drives and begins the mission but it doesn't take long for the truck to get zapped and nearly explode by a hulking android with bright yellow skin. Maybe it's from the simpson. This was nineteen ninety-four that reminds me so my mother is looking for this pictures of me address skeletal right from a few episodes back right so she actually found some other pictures of me. Here's a kid and there's this one of me at like ten years old with this awful early nineties mullet playing the x. men arcade game next to a much older kid also playing it with me. I have no idea two who this kid has but we're both wearing neon simpson's t shirts because in the early and mid nineties like just what you did you just had bart simpson on your shirt. That's all there was to it. Not me eh oh well. <hes> i think out an important part of the early to mid nineties. I was a child unstuck in time so it goes so anyway. This bright yellow cyborg was just a diversion to distract everyone from the hovering disembodied consciousness of professor power who wanted wanted to go into the canisters contents which were abbadi. He wanted to possess okay the cyborg though like this this. This guy has life l. thighs. He has those those amazingly like over muscle but also foreshortened because of position legs and it's like we're the nineties just one on long leg day. I think basically were although i don't know i mean they do. Specifically say that this is an android not a cyborg so this yellow person does not need to be bound alan by the feeble laws of human anatomy or you know like you said maybe just everyday is like day. I mean he's still less than cable or xavier in in his astral form but we'll get to that so let's talk about professor power professor powers been around for a long time and he's always been linked to the x. men and this is actually the first x. book proper he's ever been in. There's this old marvel team up story. Where professor power son was all traumatized from a war and it was sort of vegetative asked xavier to cure his using his telepathy but professor power got impatient and so he had the villain mentality. I want to say sort take over at xavier to accelerate things and that didn't work so professor power sunday then he blamed digs xavier and he just kept going after the mutants. He's goal was was to kill xavier's children. You know the x. Men and stuff as revenge for your killing his his own child to this happened in a defender story a spiderman on story. Most of these were actually written by jammed mattis. D'amato seems to really like professor power but yeah. It's taken this long for professor power to actually get into one of the books of the targets of his ire. I really feel like he should be a villain.

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