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Is a classic of roughly forty health systems the country, representing hundreds of hospitals, and the network is really pushing the field for word on having my extinct about something like an acre mission strategy. You mean by that is how to be engaged healthier institutions in thinking about how to leverage their assets things. Like hiring procurement investing all of these things that hospitals are doing their communities and using that to identify the critical shifts that are needed in order to address inequities in health and other racial economic inequities that may be within particular communities. It doesn't example of this is it network since amazing Vinas that room together champ from across distinctly different healthcare institutions one of the accomplishments that they've been working on right now is thinking that having capture the collective impact of healthcare institution work across the country. So for example, collecting data on how healthcare institutions are leveraging their hiring practices that it's not just about how many jobs are being created at ham. You doesn't sleighs or will how many are coming underrepresented populations. What for example may eat a full impact of making a play station. Investment as a hospital in an issue like food or housing, and what is that looking like across the country. So that benchmarking is really one of a kind think it seeks to the hunger, which south caring for network writing night says at for Nisus engaging in incur or addressing from of healthy right thing to do. But because it can have real impact on actually improving health outcomes across the board. Yeah. Because as you improve communities it by way of that health improves in those communities, right? If actually I love that. Yeah. You know, I was I was in a presentation or it was a conference a couple years ago in the CEO of the Cook County hospital's had a presentation showing zip codes here in the city, and if Chicago, and you know, he showed how the further south you go your life expectancy could drop by like twenty years, and he made a comment pet still sits with me that genetic code may not be as strong as it code. So what are we doing to improve that? And so your your message to me just kind of brings him back to that. And it's a strong one, and you guys have some very granular ways of approaching it. Yeah. I think to socialist from health become much more prevalent as a term as an issue within the sector. I think love your listeners her the million with that term. But for those who don't know this idea that we're we live and work in play has an impact on our health is something that has been around for a while. But I think is really taking hold in new paradigm value based care at the that statement Ord warehousing is or how healthy food is that we eat that. This is also something that's part of health care, and there's a, you know, ballot Austin institutions to consider that. But one of the things I also find really interesting is that I wrote about this movement because I've been working in this space. I was seventeen years old essentially when it was not seen as a nice to have. I also think that indigestion to becoming the of him focus for nelga. Center. We'll have to think about what are the different levels that healthcare institutions can plug it in on social from its of health. And so you have a wide spectrum everything from, you know, even just asking -cations if they need access to feeder housing all the way up to the anchor work that I was talking about with healthcare her network in the democracy collaborative. How do we think about the roles that helped her Tim play as influence as your as a care provider? He's are all things that I know are on the radars of oughta healthcare leaders such a great perspective and Sony. Would you say you've been through a lot, and you know, especially with community based leadership..

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