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Eric, I got to sell the world too just for just recently with The Tomorrow War, the premiere coming out. This is such, this is what a nice guy Eric is. I said, hey, how does a big man look good on the red carpet? What do you do? And he said, I got ya. He said, we're going to have a fun day where we're going to hit up a big man store. We're going to get you a suit and we're going to look nice. And we went together, we went big man shopping. And he looked incredible. Well, that is because of you. You really helped me get this nice suit in a, you really broke it down for me as a guy who you knew what to do. You'd been there and he'd done it and you helped me. And I hope to pass that on to somebody else someday, too. That's it. That's it. We just well, I feel like there's this where a small fraternity in the big guys. And just even before we really talked, like, I just know we kind of are similar. And they make this stuff really hard sometimes. And you don't know. And I didn't even really know until the green room premiere and I asked Anton Yelchin, who was like 15 years younger than me like, do I get a suit? What do I do here? And he kind of walked me through it. And there were so many times that, you know, you wear stuff that doesn't feel comfortable. And then I was sad because I want to take you to Rochester big and tall. It was down. That's where Farley went. And that's where Farley was watching big and tall dressed by and you know we went to this fantastic place into paying canon. We won't give out the name until they pay us to, but they should. My only big bummer telling you the show is the topanga canyon red Robin is the third of my red Robins that has closed. I used to go there, drive through Japan, you canyon, go to the ocean, go to Dan Blocker beach, who's Hoss from, was that what? Bonanza. And, you know, you have a whole big guy day. And so the Japan gad Robin closing hit me hard. Because I used to go to the Calabasas Parkway red Robin. That was a good one. Then they closed and I went there on the last day and mourned it. Then I would go to Glendale, which was not quite at the level of the Calabasas Parkway one, but it was good, but it also got closed. Then tapanga was holding on an it got closed, but friends, I can report I was there Sunday with my wife and mother in law. The northridge red Robin is thriving. Wow. Oh my God, they are on it. I was so thrilled to get there and I had to put my name in on the wait list. For red Robin, I was going to close, and then I went to red Robin every year on my birthday. I went to red Robin a lot besides that. But which we were going to talk about red Robin. That was the plan. That was the plan at one point. No, but I'm just want to keep this alive because the northridge is the last one until we venture down to the orange curtain. So I'm here to report God. Glendale one, you'd start to get the bun and it wasn't as squishy it maybe felt a couple days old. The fries were not coming. It's bottomless fries and is that a metaphor for things that are maybe a challenge for America right now? Sure, but I want them. I want the red Robin seasoning. The northbridge red Robin is soaring above all expectations. It is a flagship for that red Robin. I guarantee if you went there, you're trying to very special leader in charge of that team. Because what they're doing is impressive and it made me thrilled to be an northridge fashion square on a list for red Robin having it texted that there's a weight because I was really worried that that one might be endangered to. That's great news. What an endorsement. And I will say, you know, my sit down burger chain of choice that has suffered during the pandemic, an alley and I my wife would go there a pretty frequently or with some frequency, at least it is fuddruckers. And the fund ruckers keeps shuddering. There's fewer and fewer fighters fewer if you're a red Robin. It's a bummer and I get it that people are like, you know, the appeal of going to a red Robin is the bottomless fries or you know the people that going to one of these places is the cocktails, the stuff you get from sitting down there and so the to go experience isn't quite the same. But it's a bummer because I like a sit down burglary. Well, talk about big booths. They know they're trying to tell. Sure. I've never once had to squeeze into a red Robin booth. If you're bringing somebody bottomless fries, you're gonna have a big old boot for a girly gentleman and I thank you for it, Brad. Thank you. One booth takes up an entire wall and there's this one wall that's just one group. That's why they're closing. Can turn over enough tables. While we're talking about because you've talked about your being a man of size a few times here, Eric, and your IMDb, I don't know if you know this, but list your height at 6 four and a half. Which I assume is accurate, but.

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