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So for that reason, I think it's a by I think will probably do well in the stock but again, none of this that I'm getting right now investment advice this is all for entertainment purposes. So please do your due diligence if you're GONNA look into buying this company and that's all I got for bt I but in the next little while right now, what's going on the Democratic National Committee and I think next week is the Republican National Committee so. Be Aware that the concerns about election stuff is probably gonNA start to hit the stock market I think the FBI continues to waver between like one twenty, one ten. But as we know, both parties have been pretty uncharitable when it comes to the biotech sector and even though a lot of the vaccine companies have been propping up, the expert is a whole. I think some concerns over maybe A. Democrat win or maybe just uncertainty in the election outcome which we keep hearing more and more about could lead to some negative pressure on the experts in the market in general. So I'm a little bit nervous about that but that's pretty much the only thing I'm watching for other stuff is the Koga vaccines we we might see more date in the next little while so is out on that. In terms of a portfolio wrap up this is based off of Friday last Friday. So it's definitely dated but just some stuff I wanted to bring up is that I sold Trevino at three dollars and nineteen cents the profit from that as tutor ninety bucks but. Thing I want to point you to is the. Profit loss was two hundred and seventy nine percents very excited about that. Even though I only gained a meagre three hundred bucks in the stock but still happy to see a win there and I've not put ti in here just yet. But I mentioned on twitter that took a position in my average is around forty one and change. Overall. I'm sitting at around negative nine percent year to date, and that pales in comparison to all the other exchanges. But like I keep mentioning the back half of this year is my time to shine. So I think things are going to turn around by the end of the year and we've got a lot of exciting stuff coming up in Q. Four. So I'm looking forward to getting into all the interesting data that we see. Beasley I'm going to wrap it up there guys. So I want to thank everybody for watching. Hit the subscribe button. If you're feeling generous, please leave me donation using the tip link in the description below and if you wanNA share show that would also be awesome. Thanks everybody and we'll see you next time..

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