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Tuesday morning. I was in here at five o'clock in the coach. And i was straight to the video straight to the film so i could be prepared for wednesday mornings meeting knowing what we head if you can do all those things you were okay but it was. When you didn't that you felt like a failure. That was when. I had to come home and hug my kids. That was when i needed consolation. Because i understood that i had failed me and i had felt my guys i feel like for. Ufc fighters in ima may fighters. You always feel like failure. You don't get your hand race and the mental toll and emotional toll that takes on you guys. I couldn't imagine why every single time i fought was was a super bowl right. Every time i fought for it was my super bowl right in when you're dealing with that type of pressure because we're out there for an eighteen thousand fifteen thousand seventeen thousand twenty thousand. I've never had to fight unless it was in those main events so there was a ton of pressure there. But the one thing that you don't want right especially a team sport and this is why ryan when it was time for us to make our decisions. We're leaving high school. I didn't have the best grades rights. I would have to go and do things in judy college. But i really didn't want to rely on anyone else why russell why didn't go play football. Wanted to just be able to count on myself. Because what does it feel like when you're sticking needles into yourself but your teammates high five guys. Because he had that great game. So it's like it's not everybody is of the same mind frame because ryan every time people laugh at me when i cry when jones beat me in anaheim art cried when steve big at me are at cried after my last fight. Those tears are earned. Those tears are earned. Don't get the crowd enough big. Those tears aren't too hard. Work is because i put so much of myself into everything that dole's tears are earned. So when you see athletes like page. Are you see naomi soccer. Say i just can't do this. It's so much bigger because so much goes into preparing yourself four in actual competition for something at the professional level. There's a reason that it's called professional. That fifty second guy on nfl roster will smash anybody that you've ever seen a called a great football player that guy. That's number twelve on the bench on the basketball team. He is the best basketball player. You have ever. Late is on in your life. There's a reason. These athletes are professionals. It here's a reason that these people that go inside the man women man woman whoever goes into there are professional fighters because they are different in when there are different and cry in front of you to be judged for the world they have put so much work in knows fears are earned in that work so when you see people just rushing to the back saying it's okay is it because they know deep within themselves they don't deserve they have not earn the ability to cry over loss. What you just said though was was so profound in this aspect. Dc so many times people see great athletes through their achievements in through their accomplishments in through those achievements and accomplishments gained him right. That the fact that you get fame the fact that you make money into that money and through that success you get more opportunity. People don't understand that for daniel cormier. This started wrestling in lafayette. And when he started doing that it was pure as it could possibly be people. Don't understand that when i lose super bowl. Forty five that the love for that game in the journey to that point started when i was four years old on the west bank mellat park in gretna and all of those things come to a combination. And you've worked so hard and you put you all into that and when you lose it it should matter that much. i think. That's what people miss and when someone like page van zandt comes out and says what she's dealing with we shouldn't. We shouldn't joke about it. We shouldn't laugh about it. What we should do is listen. You should listen and learn that. This is the type of dedication. This is the type of discipline. This is the type of focus that it takes to be an elite level athletes. But it's also the type of toll that it puts on your body your mind in your so and i think now more than ever. We're seeing athletes discuss these things be vulnerable about these things yet. Still come back and fight still. Come back and compete. They'll come back and play. And that's where we are in twenty twenty one and i hope athletes continue to speak up. I hope people like you. Who have done it. At the highest level who now watch it analyze it dissect it at the highest level. Continue to support those going through the same things that you were going through because there are so many lessons to be learned. I think that the 'vulnerability athletes show today is welcoming because for a long time. You know that. Michael jordan charles. Barkley and larry bird on those guys were unattainable. We could never touch them. We could never touch barry sanders we could never get an insight into who barry sanders was. I think when these athletes are open like that in there there their so available we need to use it for the right thing and accepted in the way that they're giving it to you because they're not nearly as guarded as they were before. Now when a guy like lebron james walks from a concert somebody rushes up one of many pushes them away. People wanna judge him negatively but the reality is he's right because he has to be right but now with people are open when they are vulnerable. You judge them as weak. So you gotta really choose what lane you want these people you hold in such high regard to really be in otherwise. You can never really have access to matt ryan. This conversation has been insane. I love they were able to get in some dimensions of your profession my profession but the reality is the see off last weekend that were no fight which is very rare. Today's climate back this weekend with a middleweight banger. Between jared cannon near in kelvin. Gasol now both of these guys have been to the top of the division gasoline on you. In what is in classic an instant classic. The day we left we left the arena. We knew that this was going to stand the test of time Cannon here just got his chances number one contenders fight against rob whitaker both coming off losses. The stakes are massive. How excited are you to see these two top middleweights compete inside the ufc apex dc. I'm fired up because this is a fight with two men who saw themselves at the top of the sport with an opportunity to get belts and now they're fighting to prove that they deserve that opportunity again. You mentioned the gasoline israel out of sonya fight. That was an absolute war and going into the fifth royal israel out of sonya is talking to him so he talked to himself. Say you know what. I'm ready to die for this like. You can't beat me. Because i would they go about that mindset and not the mindset of saying it i don't want you to think about the mindset of saying take about being kevin gasol who is now watch israel out sign you're going to beat romero and kosta and really show that at his weight class. There's no one for him. Think about the fact that he stood across issue out assign your while he was on his rise and gave him the toughest fight other than yon beating him when israel moved up the tool five. And now if you're jerry near you're thinking to yourself i just lose to robert whitaker. I had an opportunity in the number one contenders fight to show that. This is where i go that this is the next step for me. And you're getting a guy who.

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