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I'm John that services the John Baxter says Zita Washington examiner reporter writing for the Wall Street journal about a suburban district in Pittsburgh and I would go to another just kind of destruction tiling Selena writing most recently about dairy farmers in Wisconsin the for dairy farmers shoe features are from the west boot west be cooperative creamery in Vernon county why Wisconsin Tom shout Ralph Peters shot him Donna Lou care Chris Amann said and Ben clinker click there are all gathered around helping Selena understand why they voted for trump once upon a time and why they might vote for him again and Selena I learned from you that it has very little to do with what's going on in Washington it has to do with their own communities house so yeah you know it's really interesting the the common consensus or conventional wisdom is the doctrine of our current you know people came out to go for him and that he Kerr this sort of split within the Republican Party you actually listen to people and have with them since two thousand and six all that is that is this from the truth of this coalition he he did not work because it is the result of it and are they don't vote for him but they vote for their communities and they believe that he is the one just even out to stand up without against the establishment within both political parties in Washington so these are populace that's when a look kind of their for their Gerry farmers I get this but they understand populism service for sure and they they did the issues that they that they care about are their land their their livestock and at the same time they have two of you had doubts about the country these last years did did you find that they pay attention to the headlines in The New York Times or the what you have to say obsessive coverage of the president's conduct on CNN did they did they comment on that no they they don't pay attention to that you know farmer at all they get up at dawn and they go to bed at you know ten eleven o'clock at night in between there they are engineers and scientists and veterinarians and they're plumbers are they there looks a little and water conservationist and are they take care of the animal that is that and care for those animals that they'd end up becoming feast on our table ordered milk and dairy products that are in our country your inner busy to obsess over television or Twitter or and you know they're also it deeply involved in the community whether it's the FFA I think her farmers of America the for each call their church their community organizations their preservation organization yeah they're they're not looking at their phone to see what the president tweeted all right just a note because there's a debate in Nevada looking to the Nevada caucus momentarily did anyone mention Bernie Sanders because right now he's pulling away and the national polls in the state polls from the field for democratic nominee is is he a factor his health care proposal taxing families down to twenty nine thousand dollars a year did they mention that now Bernie Bernie Sanders is not a blip on their radar they are happy and satisfied with president trump and there goes isn't going anywhere do they like when he tweets when that news information finally get to them no well but the other day you know that they're able to look at the whole cloth and decide that this is the person that most have their back on and and that's what's important to them they do mention in your column you mentioned that they cared about the U. S. M. C. A. agreement the new nafta that was a that was a plus to them they believe that the president delivered is that correct absolutely you know and what was interesting is on when I interviewed him in the summer you know there were you know when when everyone was saying this is falling apart the world isn't it they were really hi mom and they're like yeah he'll get it done it's the same thing time you know you have to remember farmers think in a completely different way than we do they don't think about tomorrow they think about they think in terms of five years from now thank you with a cropped and rotated her cops in a crop in the weather so they do so they are able to look at something a long ago she the trade deal as a something sort of what you expect with a trade deal and they don't expect they don't need instant gratification they're looking for a walk toward resolution silliness ito is the Washington examiner reporter you see that you we went from Pennsylvania to Wisconsin why because that's exactly the blue wall that fails to Donald Trump in twenty sixteen and if it repeats that Donald Trump will be reelected if it does not watching a northern suburban Pittsburgh neighborhood and watching dairy farmers of Vernon county in Wisconsin there will be the place where a Donald Trump loses between those two poles silliness ito is also all of the author of the great revolt about John from success in twenty sixteen I'm John bachelor this is the.

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