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So we know what happened right because today. Sierra Nevada is the number three craft brewery after a sems- Boston lager. Boston Beer Company. That makes him Adams and Yanling Base in Pennsylvania. New when you can when you think about I mean the the just incredible journey that he no you took right and the unlikely maybe not unlikely because clearly you were motivated and you you were learning about different things chemistry and machining and brewing. You're these things all you know a very deliberate way. You were talking to people. You're finding mentors. You were going to visit breweries and reading technical journals But still I don't know if I met you in Nineteen Eighty when you were twenty five working on Sierra Nevada. I Dunno I would have thought. Oh I don't know about this guy I don't know if I don't know if I would give him a part with my money for To invest in his company. you you built. The third largest craft brewery in the United States accompany would has an enormous valuation and I mean do you. Do you think that this happened because of all those things I mentioned because of your work ethic and commitment to to the craft or do you think a lot of it just had to do with luck The hard work part. I think That was a good component in when I opened I mentioned I think there were six of us and the five other craft breweries. That opened in that. Same era have all failed today on the last man standing so We all sort of had equal shot at it. I guess yeah timing. I think we were at the right time. In a sort of American culture when people were looking for better unique different distinctive there were coffee. Roasters popping up and bakeries and the scene was starting to grow and the worst part of it It's been A lot and you know it was a lot for Me But a lot from my family I mean we might kids grow up in the brewing industry. I have two children still active in the industry. My son's out North Carolina and my daughter Sarah's here in in Chico to it's been a family business but it's not an easy business and even though a lot of people think being a brewers romantic It's been hard and it's going to stay And I think You know we're still around because we were passionate about beer and passionate about.

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