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This morning is one of the smartest guys I know. And we have with this ex-governor from Wisconsin Scott Walker. How how are you governor? I'm super you're one of the smartest people I know in or out of politics. So Burkett Governor. It was an interesting weekend politics especially in democratic politics in twenty four hours to whole world change. Bloomberg fell apart. Everybody else fell off the shelf. Tell us you know politics pretty well especially from the Mid West. Tell us how you see sings Shakya. Yeah this is just amazing. It was one of the most amazing Turnarounds particularly when you think about earned media. Joe Biden didn't have the money Bloomberg Daddy didn't have the organization attorney did but in the end you saw a really the the full force of the Democrat establishment coalesce behind Joe Biden because they were scared to death of Bernie. Sanders is as much as many of them embrace socialism. They didn't want it from a guy who's on record sympathizing with communist dictators Certainly in the past and even in some of his policies now so you saw them clear the lane They got Mayor people to check out and and Senator Amy Klobuchar or out of course. Bloomberg along the way with his two failed debate show. You really couldn't abate his way out of a wet paper bag and that opened the door for a clear contrast between Biden the more pragmatic choice of many older Democrats in the primary voting system. And of course Bernie The democratic socialist who appealed to some of the younger voters out there add in the long tradition. That Joe Biden had of appealing to African American voters. And you can see why not only did well in South Carolina but one big by any measure on Super Tuesday. This is completely turned their their nomination process. Upset out well I mean when we saw each other last week I always had a feeling that the Democratic Party somewhere orange was just gonNA screw sanders but how everything else fell. Plot was unbelievable. And we're really was and and you're right and it's one of those where this is one of the I think missing headlines out there wasn't just that the establishment got behind Biden without a doubt they were worried about losing the White House burning. But I think it's more fundamental wasn't just worries about losing the White House. It was about losing the House that really worried and all the other down ballot you saw and this is I guess. Tested the voters. They didn't just by actually spoke to voters. And voters responded. That there aren't gonNA WE'RE GONNA lose Bernie not at the top. We'RE GONNA lose all the way down in for Democrats who overwhelmingly care about the power structure. What they want is in the twenty twenty Seco-. This is the first time in twenty years. The presidential elections the same time there is a census in they know that whoever's in power at the state local level are the people who are going to set the boundaries even at the congressional level for the next decade. And that's really more than principle more than policy more than politics. This is about power for the Democrats and let's talk about the state in the Senate and Congress are People Gonna Forgive Nancy Pelosi during the vote. Democratic for Congress wedding there is a huge pushback amongst voters and a lot of these swing district and I only in the Mid West but even in Stanton Island for example in New York a New York City Newark. Stater you're and California you look in the Mid West number of seats where Republicans lost twenty eighteen in part because they lost more suburban Type voters now in the twenty twenty psycho all these Democrats who want an eighteen have to stand up and acknowledged that even though they promised they were going to get things done. They promised they re put politics instead. What you've seen is really two years under Pelosi of House. Democrats doing nothing except impeachment and I think in the end. It's why you see Democrats on the run and why you see. President trump getting unprecedented levels of of support in these primaries. Even though he has no real opposition he is getting big numbers. Bigger than Obama did at this stage of in his presence reelection. This is really a good sign. We got to counter that though and know that in the end because of redistricting because of all these boundaries being sick the Democrats are gonNA pull out all the stops. The Supreme Court is Politics Stein to hit that. Well I can't believe that I am. I can't believe it I guess. Sorry as it is but it's it's remarkable if you think back a few years ago. Chuck Schumer Being the the leader the Senate Democrats what he said about two members of the. Us Supreme Core is really unprecedented. I don't think anyone can deny that. That didn't sound like a threat to me. That's why you have three separate branches of government Certainly we can complain about Rulings But that's why you have separate branches and and that's why the judiciary is impartial. We're not elected. They're not at the federal level they're not members of parties there to uphold the constitution and the laws during acted and Regardless of who nominated them in the end. They're doing what they're supposed to do. They should actually be free of threats. But that's really where things have gone. You've gotten so out of control of that. This has become commonplace in and sadly not surprising. Scott Walker what are you doing lately? Well one of the things. We're working on the national. Republican trust the N. R. R. T. DOT. Org is where people can find more and the reason I got involved with two simple words Eric holder. I just mentioned the establishment is can't behind Biden. The reason they did was more than just the White House. It's because they're worried about losing the house and worried about long term What the next decade is going to be like. We're trying to make sure that Eric holder in his allies has grown his Gerrymandered the way into permanent power. We have fair maps. You See New York state but you see it all across the country if we have maps that keep communities of interest attack. We've constitutionally strong and concise districts are candidates can win. We've got better candidates in a better message. We just gotTa make sure they don't gerrymanders out of out of the possibility so you're working hard in that absolutely. Yeah the The N. R. R. T. Dot Org. That's the National Republican district. Trust working on some other things to try to get a bounce budget amendment enacted working with the National Taxpayer's Union and other groups But right now. One of the most critical things we can do is push back against colder. Who's been working on this for years? He Got Barack Obama to put all of his organizing for America. All of his name's funds resources into this redistricting effort. They claim in many many media outlets that the for fair maps that their own group filed with the irs a form that says their purpose their mission is favourably position. Democrats in the redistricting process. That's why they they don't fight redistricting in New York or Massachusetts New Jersey or annoy. They only go to Publican states In the end we gotta push back in a New York state. People can help out with the trust because it's a good way to force them to do. What the voters said. They wanted back in twenty fourteen that has had objective process. And they're not doing it now they haven't done in the past. And that's why we gotta be standing up and fighting back against holder and company President Trump. Your Midwest you weren't Midwest Governor. How do the Mid West farmers and feel about president trump is still supporting him? One hundred percent absolutely. He is unbelievable levels of support. Roy is again. Many of the elite particularly in the Washington bubble somehow think on trade and tariffs that there's backlash With the farming community the opposite is true. They believe that this is a and I joined them in that with. This president is fighting to get fair. Trade deals not only for manufacturers but for farmers we saw with the trade deal with Canada and Mexico under NAFTA dairy farmers not only in Wisconsin Minnesota but even in New York state. We're getting a really getting the raw ended the deal. When it came down Karaoke Canada he held out in that trade. Deal to get a better deal to level the playing field. I think when you see examples like that now what he's doing with China and other parts of the world they know that he's fighting for them and sandwich manufacturing workers. They know that he's fighting hard. This is a guy who keeps his promises. His numbers have gone up since impeachment. Because I think mid Westerners where a lot of these swing states are at midwesterners believe in fairness and they believe that. He's doing what he said he was going to do. At the impeachment is just a partisan witch hunt and Oddly Enough Democrats are going backfire with all they've done to try to attack him independent persuadable. Voters just want people who get the job done. It's why I WanNa Rico with more votes than I did the first time. I think the same thing's going to happen with the President Governor Scott Walker. Thank you for coming onto a show today and God bless you and everything you do for the American people and let's catch up again real soon. Found great keep by for freedom. Thanks man thank you. This is the catch roundtable. We'll be right back..

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