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Chicago app approved by the mortgage experts a team high birth just search T. R. A. F. F. I. actually Gago Marvin building at a traffic center remind you drive responsibly it really is a matter of life or death now the forecast from the WGN Chicago weather center here's meteorologist Tim McGill partly to mostly cloudy skies for state of colleges more with some clearing is to get to the afternoon seeing more sunshine emerge breezy with a high near forty degrees just a little bit above average tonight partly cloudy little bit breezy down route twenty nine thirty tomorrow partly to mostly sunny forty one or forty two for the high but those blustery conditions make it feel colder Thursday probably mostly sunny forty three then we turn all the colder on Friday probably mostly sunny thirty seven we won back up over the weekend back in the forties Saturday mostly sunny breezy forty two and to me given the double jump on the Saturday thirty one and here this morning thirty two it midway thirty one along the lake front and the wind chill is at twenty Chicago police are looking for a man who robbed the Kerr currency exchange on the mag mile last night the suspect apparently dressed as a police officer here's WGN's Nancy Lou according to police the police impersonator implied he was armed to a twenty two year old employee of the exchange the woman gave up a bag of money and the robber ran off perhaps easily mixing in with holiday shoppers and an increased police presence on the mag mile what man got away apparently with about twenty four hundred dollars of foreign currency a man is in stable condition after being beaten and robbed on the CTA red line train in the south loop police say the victim was riding the train early this morning in the six hundred block of south State Street when eight man approached him and started hitting him one of the attackers pulled out a knife and then all of them took off with the man cell phone in his shoes victim was taken to the hospital with a bruise to his face no arrests have been made a mid October incident involving a slumped.

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