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Had three pounds and got a win. Who else is miss Oto, Johnny? Johnny wrote him once Johnny wrote him in the in the classic, right? With one. Yes. Put Johnny Depp is item money when it's one of those, you know, by the way, would be doesn't. Fitting that. That was his only. On it be. Yup. Arthur and driving along with wasn't having a lot of work to do. Well, it there's there's it's funny. There's a there's a few little isolated writer experiences that are that are kind of interesting Chris Amy used Chris Amy in the in the race at Hawthorn in the in the old, national jockey club handicap. Right of one of the big weekend at home, and nobody travel over. Relent? He's local. Absolutely. And Alan Garcia wrote him once in the wagon limit. Remote? I mentioned wrote him one second in the Ecuador handicap. But it was Jose Espinosa that last in that last start the success not just successful but a record setter. What a great way to go out Pat for evening. It's higher. Amendment fan out there. But they probably live in. Vala could name over there. Eleven. Everybody. Bed that wasn't any of that. Yeah. That's yeah. That's a that's a great way to put it. Bread. But the. Probably made a lot more money. There have been modem yorker, it's. Quite a wonderful. Pat. I appreciate this and all the people that that came along with him as his long career unfolded that became big evening. Attire fans. Thanks so much. And we appreciate, you know, always sad. But at the same time helps you appreciate you know, what what latching onto a horse's about and have gone that long. You know? The one that puts people need the court them for what if one of the. Things that we do nowadays for the whole time. Second clues. And you You know. know? In the. President quit started quite poor. When all the programs that will crowd out. And the chance to get off the tax and the and Second end. time. And these people can do the help with all those programs appreciated by over. Absolutely. And Aken Dale, which does have, you know, the the legacy of John Hatton jer behind it? But certainly, you know, one of the one of the really. Highly respected. Do that. You got a program. But then bid if you wanted to send it home. You always going back pretty so. Absolutely. Into men on that whole the industry good at them. And what still out on the country that that? According prominent in doing that. Everybody. Good home, absolute, and you can follow you could follow condemn on Twitter and visit their site. And of course, Kathleen, Kathleen Feron, and the staff up there that is really committed and they can Dale just an exemplary. Just two. Really what? Before it became fashionable aching. Don't it right. Very much very much. And I think. Put the maybe part about it. And that. Thing. Wonderful. Both women and has little leaving -solutely. Well, Pat, enjoy the time off and we'll look forward to seeing New York senior Ecuador over the winter. I appreciate it. At the city. Depend on nice. Thanks, Pat back. Yeah. Everybody you got it. We'll talk later to Sean Bridgman, and we'll get Sean. I was sad myself to break. The news to Sean Sean at not heard this morning when I reached out to him. He not hurt that that evening. It's at past will take a break here, come back and talk to Jerry O'Dwyer. And of course, Dwyer in the spotlight over the weekend. The performance of. Need supervision in the silver bullet day, Joe Rocco junior and for?.

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