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They're like, listen, this subculture moment. I wanna know like how their first of all, like able to get this money and like, well, don't you ever feel like all the old gays took all the nice jobs, and now the young. Like if it was like, I'm going to be like stuck like being a manager at urban outfitters for well, they'll literally, we went to that fucking villa in palm desert, and they were like multi, billionaire. And we were like, who are you those as like snagged the bags as from us, the bears that we're talking about in the story or the bears, we rented the house from in east, not need to talk about, no. But like what you saw the youth thought to yourself, circuit parties in the desert, have done wonders, me skin to house we were in was definitely used for that. You've ever leased once you ever go like, well, no, no. Go go like every once in a while. Like I'll go to hook up with throwing who's like, oh, because. And like, I don't discriminate and link, you'll go to their house and like all of a sudden, all of a sudden you're like very confused. Take an Uber somewhere, and I'm like, expecting like this house to be a duplex or something like also like the entire home in, wow, I walk up there was like like, literal, fucked. The guy like a bust of his body in his room. And. What? Okay. Now this on Claire like Rica moment. This was like it was literally like a knob hill, I think, or something. Own a house, and you had like a bus of his body and a like to think about it was like, wow, the wealth inequality. The gap is so large and they're all part of the line Crayeres. It's almost like the closer you get to the center of hetero normativity, the more accesses to wealth. I mean, we can talk about that, but by the layer we haven't even gotten to the final segment of this whole charade which is the deaths because it's plural. So this is what really struck people the three. So a lot of you have heard there are three people who have died because of this person. Some people say he killed three people, but I will say he did not kill three people. He is the cause of one person's death. So I could say it would be criminal manslaughter. However, the other one tank is I would say a direct cause of him. The third person is a result of actions he made, but he had no physical involvement with that death. Okay. So let's get into it. So the first death to happen was a man named Peter, dove AC. He was a fetishists and kind of acquaintance of Dylan's who was not up all a part of his harem. But he was in like the bear for art scene. He went by the username, get bigger and had a husband and sometime ago died of an embolism caused by a silicone injection. Now, I received this post that was from his husband and it said it was my partner Peter that was killed by the guy that Dylan referred him to. He died of a silicone embolism, not sepsis. Peter hated Dylan and only turn to him because he would know who to contact to get the procedure done himself. The guy who Dylan referred him to joke waiter, committess committed suicide. The day before the detective in charge of Pete's murder case was going to arrest him for manslaughter because his lawyer tipped him off. So. Hank goes, I know this guy who does all my injections, you should go to him to get your injections done. This man goes to get his injections done. Dies of an embolism and when the detectives investigating say, maybe this guy that digital procedure should get tried criminally for killing you. The man dies of a suicide and literally because his lawyer tipped him off. Again, this is when we got the next layer after it, ROY was like, what is going? So then the second death that everyone's talking about is joke, waiter himself, the injection est. So joke waiter was the person..

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