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Information you need when you need it news radio seven forty ktrh is this radio what i do have a very particular set of skills skills that have acquired over a very long career seriously smart's business welcome back to the show texas business radio texas business radiocom is website we're talking about sales and lead generation it all starts with sales guys yet get the ah you gotta get cash registered rain for you have anything to do and we just guys in here they're going to give you some tricks tips on how to build up your lead generation and increase your sales i'm your host my register jay curse it over there and colours chair as usual what do you think man absolutely it all starts with lee generation we used to say it always started with sales but to get sales gotta get lead generation this is a great program we're having a lot of fun and actually gonna give us some very important achievement promotion on the subject so looking forward to this noda actually johnson founder and ceo of mouse marketing llc sia houston uh is a their company that deals with sales elite generation and sales utilizing linked which i think is particularly interesting ashley work on the show thank you i'm very happy to be here so talk to me in what is mouth marketing what are you do who do you do to get some out marketing we work with businesstobusiness companies sell if you are looking to sell to other businesses or maybe you're thinking about it maybe you're on the consumer side are we help businesses get business an on the bbc market so um arlington lee generation plan very be to be focused we'll talk to me a little bit about you know i'm a i'm a company has you know does be to be sales i need more business how do you fit into that process and how can you help me saw my problem so we use linked in sales navigator of what we do is we connect to you up to fifty people a day that are in your target audience cell if that's an executive that their function is marketing and a company under two hundred employees on in houston we can target very specifically connecting you up to fifty of those individuals every day than what we do is we.

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