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Crimes of Passion


When Ruth could engineer. Albert's death on our own. She turned a judge for help sometime in February they met for a date at the waldorf-astoria they drink heavily. Billy and ruth lamented the state of her marriage. Crying to judd about everything that had gone wrong. She told Chad her arguments. It's with Albert. Were worse than ever before even saying that whenever Albert lost his temper he threatened to kill her. She was also losing too much money every month. Paying her husband's insurance premiums at some point Albert was sure to find out and he'd be furious. Ruth felt she was running out of time to get rid of her husband. She was desperate for Judd's advice at some point that night. The formulated pleaded plan. They decided ruth would render Albert unconscious. I giving judd the chance to sneak in the house and kill him on March fourth. Nineteen twenty seven judd. Gray went to a hardware store and purchased a window sash. Wait an eighteen inch steel bar about the size of rolling pin weighing about five pounds. He also purchased chloroform and some cotton rags. Judd leader said they planned to execute execute the murderer that evening but when he arrived at the Snyder House he and ruth got cold feet and cried like babies full nerves. Blue told John to go on home but within a few weeks another opportunity came ruth wrote to John and told him that she and Albert were going to a party on Saturday march nineteenth. They were going to bring their daughter nine year old lorraine with with them while they were away the house would be empty. Because Ruth's mother plan to be away on a nursing job. It would be easy for Jad to sneak into the house and wait for Ruth. And Albert's return. Ruth expected that after the party Albert would be drunk invulnerable. It would be the perfect moment and to pull off the crime. Judd agreed and went to work setting up an alibi. On Friday afternoon Judd Gray took a train to Syracuse in upstate. New York that evening he checked into the hotel Onondaga and spent the night there the following morning on Saturday march nineteenth. He spoke to clients over the phone on Saturday afternoon. He had lunch with a friend hand and asked for a favor. He said that he had plans to meet up with a girlfriend in Albany. He didn't want his wife or employer to find out and so he asked his friend go to his hotel room. Post a few letters mess up the bed so that it looks slept in and place a do not disturb sign on the hotel room door that way nobody would guess at he'd ever left Syracuse. The friend didn't mind lending a hand with his cooperation. Listen Judd felt certain that he had an airtight alibi. By every appearance John remained at the Onondaga hotel for the entire night in reality. Judd Gray spent that Saturday evening on a train riding back to New York. City Routes Snyder was is ready for his return as planned. The Snyder family went out Saturday night to a neighbor's burs Bridge Party other attendees later recalled that Ruth acted very affectionately toward her husband that night Albert founded strange even commenting minting that. She didn't treat him that well at home neighbors also remembered that ruth refused to drink much that night. She said she felt sick and told the the host to give her share of the drinks to Albert. Albert seemed ready and willing to overindulge around midnight while Albert Ruth Anne Lorraine still at the Party Judd arrived at the Snyder House. Ruth had left the door unlocked for him and he crept inside. Judd climbed the stairs to Granny Brown's room. He went inside where he found a bottle of whisky lying on the bed and he began to drink it. It helped him pass the time as he waited for the Snyder's return around two o'clock in the morning. The Snyder niners left the party and made their way back home. Ruth trying to keep her breathing steady as they approached the house house. She was already worried. Her husband's suspected something. If she could just get through the next few hours everything would be alright. When she got inside roots voice trembled as she told Lorraine to hurry to bed? She helped the girl into her pajamas hoping hoping her daughter was too tired to notice how her hands were shaking. According to the plan judge should already be inside the house. Ruth knew he must be waiting in the room next door probably feeling as nervous as she was unless something had gone wrong perhaps he had gotten cold feet again perhaps he was still upstate. She shook those thoughts out of her mind and left her daughter's room. She paused in front of Greeny Brown room making sure the hallway was clear before opening the door so far she was safe. She heard her husband in the master bedroom. Getting undressed oblivious. She poked her head into Granny Brown's room and there was judd waiting for her like a loyal dog. Ruth gave a quick nervous. Smile down the hall. She she heard. Albert's settling into bed. He didn't suspect a thing. Ruth was suddenly flooded with an overpowering certainty. It was either going to happen tonight or never. It was time to make a decision..

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