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Time. There are baby pictures of me and people can't understand this. There are baby pictures of me. There was something like in the eighties, It was called. I have to get the photo out and then ask my mom even though it's hard for my mom to speak it right now. Um, off, like Ohio State Teddy Bear Club or a Cub club or something like that? I don't remember. But somebody sent away when I was born. And so I got this baby picture of me like when I'm a few months old, Not even And it's me in this like Ohio State. Get up, and I was a big Ohio State. Finn, Orlando Pace. Eddie George. Bobby Hoying Any Katzenmoyer, Shawn Springs. I could name them all, man. I was a huge Ohio State fan. And Ohio State, Michigan for me, I remember fists just raining upon me from a man named Jason Perry because he was a huge Michigan fan and Tim Biakabutuka. And all my Marnie Cooper, Madi tumor Fine dressed Amani Toomer and just raining down upon me fists because I had the goal. The audacity to say anything negative about Michigan. I used to hate Michigan's guts. Back in the day. This all started to change for me. When I was in ninth grade and then 10th grade, and this is the embarrassing thing. That's why I say it in front of John U. Bacon, because the old standard had been if you gotta pull she could get in Ohio State. Well, by the time I became a kid things that certainly changed. So it's me, Big Ohio State fan and I'm in computer class piano, and then they're going well, we're gonna send now because they want to get you to go to college. Old thing is to get you to go to college. Which I have another com hold another commentary on that some other day. So they go. We want you to pick three schools to send a letter to requesting information and type it out. Go throughout it. So I did that. I did it for Akron. Did it for Kent State. And I did it for Ohio State. And the one you wanted back was Ohio State. I wanted to go out of state bed. I really wanted to go to Ohio State. Got something back from Kent State. I got something back from Akron. Akron. Oh, we'd love to have because after this kind of a school wearing a lie, Yeah. If you gotta pull shit. Get in Akron. That's right. I'm going. I'm proud of Akron, Dammit. But I got nothing back from Ohio State, and my teacher was in Ohio State cheerleader back in the eighties. And she's like, Well, just send another. They'll send something back. I sent another. I get nothing. I said another. I got nothing. She wanted me to send one more. That would've been the fourth. I go. No, I'm not going to sit there and beg him. If they don't want me, I know where I stand in this. In this thing. It wasn't like I was a 38 g p a student. By the way, I graduated with a 25 thoroughly. They did not want you so Yeah, they clearly didn't want and that to me. That was the first seeds that were sown. Because by 22 by 2002. You know they were national championship team. There were a couple kids like you went to high school with who ended up on the team, because then when you had Jim Tressel there This is where Ohio State has really changed over the last decade. Plus, and this is AH, good thing for Ohio State fans. But I've have had this long theory of this. You as if you're in Ohio State fan you root for Ohio State as you would your favorite NFL team. Guys, they're from all over the country who played for your favorite NFL team. Back in 2002 when that team won the national championship. Let's go. Dustin Fox. Kenny Petersen was Joe Martin Martin on that team, Or did he already graduated? Might have been Jamaar Martin on that team. Mike Doss was on that team. Donnie Nickey was on that team. That's five guys. He could think about the top of my head. I bet I could name a few more, too. Who were from Stark County, Ohio. My area My area. That were on that team. Because Ohio State when they want that to me. 2014 was a good one for Ohio State fans that 22 that 20 0 to season. That was the most special national championship Ohio State has ever had. Because it was your neighbors. It was your nephews. It was your grandsons who played on that team in the state of Ohio. Now you got him from all over. And it's a machine. And it's not seen. It's not the way you speak, and that's fine because there's plenty of people who they didn't go to Ohio State either. And they're just big Ohio State fans, and they think it's weird that I just I'm not part of the Ohio State cult. I'm just not I like I like Akron. Akron. Football is very poor right now. In Akron football fan And it gives me some perspective to look and say, OK, these are the problems I see with Ohio State, But Ohio State has very few problems. He's the problems you see with Michigan. Michigan has a few problems. He's the problems I see with Notre Dame. This thing I kind of like about Notre Dame and whatever, like I could do that now. But I don't have except for Akron. I guess I don't have a really strong favorite Thea. Other like team I would really pull for would be Ashland University. And that's d two. And that doesn't even count. So there you go. Pernod. That make any sense to you at all? Yeah, You actually told the story last week, So I told that old story last week. About you sending that to be, like weeks ago? No, it was last week about applying to Ohio State, and you never got any response back from them. Maybe I secretly do hate Ohio State. I'm not sure. Um Here? No. Yeah, First off. I hope you're doing well. You're not to bed, Got some bed Sinus going on right now. Handsome Sinus problems. You got to take a test. What happened? Gotta take a test to me. I gotta take a test. You know, you got to take a test. I don't know the hell you're talking about. I'm just saying I got to make sure you don't have the look over there. I've Sinuses. Okay, but I want to make sure you're okay. Yeah. Don't have Cove ID. All right. What the hell? I woke up a couple of days ago. My eyes like all puffy. Annoying. Okay, Well, I'm sorry about that. She got so defensive when I asked you if you had the cove it I don't know. I don't got questions about the covert. It's a legitimate question. All right. What is their top five topic here? So PlayStation five was released this week. Not sure if you knew about that. But it was released. So I'm asking for the top five favorite video game consoles. Oh, Consul consoles. Man paranoid. I all right, fine. Could be that good..

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