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This is not a tortured character. I don't even know that his life is particularly that interesting but he is at the heart. Vicks okay so we're gonna talk about loans for richardson. So he's working in greensboro. He's working on different like home remedies. And what have you And one of the products that he comes up with is well vapor. Rub the not called that. At this time. He says a lot of different things And he looking for an umbrella to put it under right and he stumbles upon vicks so his last name. Richardson would not fit well. On the label of the products. Right but vicks would. Vix is the last name of his brother-in-law who their family physician according to some accounts helped some startup money but also like was naming it. Maybe just like if you know about vix this physician this is the remedies. There's also also very popular product exceeds at the time. And he was sort of building on that idea of a mainly like his name when villain label and i think it kind of continued to get to him that it wasn't you know under his name but vicks was short is punchy and pretty soon there were twenty one different vicks family remedies as they were called so he comes up with There's there's two different versions of the vapor rub story okay. There's the wounded the company tells you and then there's another one Here's with the vicks website. We'll tell you about the creation of able rub. The vic says the product was created by lunceford. Richardson out of love and concern for his six sun. Young smith richardson had a severe case of crew. Which is what's in los alamos. Croup croup is a viral illness. That kids get caused by virus. That's a para influenza next to next to jason different virus viral illness. It's usually self limited but sometimes you need to medications or some respiratory support to get through. Kids don't get it today so this is So they say that that had crew and Lunceford richardson combined unique. Ingredients into a salve that when he did by the body would release soothing vapors and then it says on the website. The boy soon recovered. You're probably was recovered anyway. Boy now there is a different version of this from mcgill university. Refresh named joe schwarz. Who claims that the product can be traced to jews. Been gay a french pharmacist. Who created ben gay exactly but his last name b. e. n. g. u. e. If you're wondering why it's called begay because his last name was jill's been gag name regretted it. Is that how you spell being gay though the product right in hyphen g a y. They wonder mega like uber. Phonetic for the dumdum america. Because i think the i think the average american speaking english would be e. n. g. u. e. Say benue so wrong. This is a menthol based product and unlike vapor rub but it was sold as a treatment for arthritis and gout and neural neuralgia neuralgia neuralgia. Like nerve pain okay Algebra it hurts according to joe schwarz Accounting of this Lunceford saul heard from he. Sold been gay is pharmacy and he heard from his customers that it cleared their sinuses..

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