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A respite for Anthony Weiner. Have Weiner is is back in the news. Why because he's back on the streets. Anthony Weiner is a Freeman all my guys my guys the man that basically put Donald Trump into office. Honestly because if it wasn't for him. Right Komi, what had to send that letter to congress saying what what what we found emails on Hillary Clinton. Basically saved the presidency. But he's Anthony Weiner. And I we gotta talk about this. Okay. So basically it was released from federal prison. Okay. In Massachusetts after serving fifteen months for sixty two fifteen year old girl. But then he had to spend several months in a re entry center in the Bronx. So the disgraced former New York lawmaker who actually I think also tried to go for mayor has left the halfway house in the Bronx. He told reporters glad we get back with his family. Yes. At multiple sex scandals pantley, he loves taking pictures of self. But. They're Li his contract to the attention of law enforcement officials is graphic and obscene language to ask the teen to show her naked body and touch himself. According to prosecutors can't fifteen year old girl, we know was designated a level one six of vendor by judge that month. That's the lowest level he will have to register for twenty years, but will only have to give an approximate address where he lives now that he's out of prison. The former congressman most recently for mayor in two thousand thirteen did receive five percent of the vote when the sixteen allegations surfaced who then voted for him. That kind of doesn't make a lot of sets. So really quickly here. What do the different levels of sex offenders level? One is the least I guess serious. And from what I've seen here. Now, this is coming from talk to you about what he has to deal with New York, but in terms of definitions of sex offender, this comes from King County sexual assault resource center, and how they defined a level one sex offender who are the lowest risk for re-offence. They are individuals that normally have not exhibit predatory type characteristics. They have an he though has but most have successfully participated are participating in sex offender programs. Many for seven years. They say you could call on about a specific individual suspect. They might be a sex offender, but the law does not mandate community community notification. So what is the level two sex offender, those be considered a level two sex offender because of the nature of the crimes? Lifestyle. Drugs and alcohol. Use other criminal activity may influence their potential to affect. So let's say Anthony Weiner, if he doesn't drugs and alcohol stuff like that. He might be less likely to be as impulsive. Yet. Somebody who is having trouble rehabbing from that would probably be put it a level to these individuals often more than one victim and our took advantage of a position of trust or thirty such as a teacher coach clergy or babysitter. So a lot more of an intent. And I'm not seeing what Anthony Weiner did was not as bad. Okay. You know, the state classified him as a level one. But if you're having trouble understanding the difference when you're a teacher coach these kids are trapped. You know, clergy. Your you feel emboldened to that person babysitter? And they don't have a lot of opportunity to. Say no. Whereas this even though technically he is it was wrong. This was a girl on on Facebook or or Twitter or whatever that engaged with them. She could leave at any time. So that's kind of the difference there. And then if you're a level three six offender, you pose a very high risks re-offend. Within the community at large that prior sex crime convictions other criminal convictions predator characteristics. They may seek out victims unknown right to the offender of these individuals may have used violence and crime. These individuals may have refused or failed to complete proof sex offender treatment program, so according to Washington law. Yeah, it looks like he would fall under a level one. So now with New York what does that mean for him? So Anthony Weiner is out. Okay. So. By the way, the sex offender registration act took place back in nineteen ninety six that has been a lot of changes, but I guess sex offender laws and statutes been a more recent thing in terms of okay? If you did this you need to register. So anyone who was on parole or probation or rated for sex offence since nineteen ninety six register as a sex offender in the New York state division of criminal Justice services and offenders convicted of a sex offense on after that date or send us to probation local jailers state prison after their date thus register upon returning to the community. Any offender who has moved to New York from another state has to register within ten days. So if you're a sex offender from Iowa or Illinois, and you decide to live to New York, you have ten days, they also have the three levels one two three as general the sentencing court determine offenders risk level, which is what they did. With weiner. And they said what an of course, rated offender set to be released into the community the vote of sex offenders will evaluate the case and provide a risk level recommendations of court, the court will hold of risk level hearing and assign a level, and there are three designations that may also be assigned to the sex offender, you could be called a sexual predator. A sexually violent offender or a predicate sex offender. So there's even some labels you could get so what is a sexual predator. So sexual predators offender has been convicted of sexually violent offense as defined by their sexual once correction law. They suffer from a mental abnormality or personality disorder that makes him or her likely to engage in predatory sexually violent offenses. And just one time is enough to do it. So you start asking a minor to touch themselves for you. That's that's all it takes. You know, what is a sexually violent offender. Well, that's somebody was been convicted of a sexually violent offense as defined. So that could also be assault. What is the predicates sex offender somebody who has been out? They don't go into detail convicted of a sex offense, the offender has been previously convicted of a sex offence alike repeater now how long do you stay on the registry twenty years. So what we know is late forties or fifties. Yeah. So he's gonna be there for a while. Yet other if you are a violent offender sexual predators. Some may also registered for life. And then what are the offenders have to do? So they have to report annually where they live by signing returning an annual verication verification form, they have to notify the department in writing of new address they have to have current photographs taken. I'm sure to get his autograph on Twitter. I saw this is a funny. If they decide to go back to school or work or whatever they have to provide writing their internet service providers. Internet screen names. And address, verification, etc. They have to report employment, if your level to level, three, etc. So. People can move. You know, if you're a sex offender. Can you work as a school bus driver? Most no. Yeah. They have a lot of other breakdowns of this. Which is interesting. But it's it's sad. You know? I mean, he obviously has an illness. And hopefully, he's overcome that. And I, you know, an attraction to young girls is not allowed, and.

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