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Law starlight lounge presents an evening with the progressive box Muna's tickling the Ivories he just saved thanks for tuning into the down and dirty radio show available live online in syndication on networks across the US and available internationally on the American Forces Network Welcome back to the down and dirty radio show powered polaris a razor Jimmy Burmese director Chris Leoni on the line we are getting ready to do some power rankings past coupla weeks kind of been a little light on some of the acing action I know S- Nhra still. I don't know it's weird like there in the middle of the playoffs Chris and nature is just like we're going to take like a couple of week break or something I feel like we haven't talked about any rain awhile and got this crazy point about going on over there but good news is I guess NASCAR racing but we had more traditional our traditional action water sports between straight rhythm Lucas oil there at Glen Helen we also had rallycross happening where they are ex- I mean we we had a we had a lot of races never this weekend yeah Jim I put down ten or eleven names on my initial you know sort of pull them out of a hat and figure out who was going to be on this and had some very worthy cuts and You know I feel like the five I came up with were really the best of the best one this week that could justify so interested to see if we really line up because I got to say I don't think we will yeah this is this is going to be interesting there was a lot of it and it makes it tough when there's a big race like whether it be one of the crandon or Glen Helen like and you have all these different divisions competing in short course you know what I mean there's ten winners while times to double header weekend here's good twenty winters there you know so it's like how do you separate performances things like that you know and it's just it's going to be the way things lineup on ours so I guess we should we should get into things here who did you have to kick off things at number I five Chris Well Jim for number five I am going to head the mid Ohio for the season finale but I'm not gonna go with probably who you might say think ten thousand finally locked up that that a Rx supercar title but he didn't actually make the main event Chris Atkinson goes up from a certain points to second by winning the race but Who is actually GONNA go with number five I'm going to go to our friends over jerk fishing I'm gonna go to Fraser McConnell. DAX to champion because they're actually had a dominant season one five out of nine races including ending the season and on a high note with the championship and the final race victory so you know anytime you see a driver like that who has a season like that and especially the fact that those are x. two cars are all equal to one another you know that's the sign of real wheel man you know it's so interesting Fisher being from Jamaica which country that you don't see a lot of top to your race car drivers from so it's cool to see you know something a little different they're different flat on top of the podium and he had a fantastic season here they test in a supercar with low and grow motor sports for his efforts so looking forward to seeing we're here career goes from here for five yeah frazier did have a phenomenal season this year and I think it's weird where they are exit just seems like it hasn't been a lot of coverage and a we've covered here a little bit on the show but we haven't really talked about frazier in that that season he has but yeah I mean you start looking I mean just motor sports as a whole all in in two thousand nineteen and I'm talking about in this country and I would honestly I would probably say frazier season would be a top ten season in all of that Kony nineteen you know and maybe that's something we do the end of the year you know rank our top ten performances of the year or something like that frazier definitely factor into that but it's interesting Mitch's from Jamaica as like you know Jamaicans and racing you know what I saw I'm trying to get the tie in here like how the hell did we get him on that Jamaican bobsled a key I'm sure they could use out of race car drivers transition into bobsled drivers. Chris I don't know that's what I WANNA know but no I think slowed I did that for a while they did a few events where they have the NASCAR drivers bobsleds and they flipped a few of them it was a good time though why nobody dying he got goes into it he went and he was looking at these old rickety bobsleds the United States team had and then he was looking at some of the stuff that the other countries add specific take the Norwegians and stuff and he's like how are we this far behind the eight ball so bowed I think he got so involved he actually started designing bobsleds for the US Olympic team and They actually did wind tunnel testing and things like that with bobsleds like I think Bodine literally got you WanNa talk about got bit by the bug like he went in deep yeah he absolutely did and I know that the benefits to the technology are still kind of in place to the US bobsled team so you know that's really who'll that's interesting my uh my co host on racing downshift Great West was actually an Olympic skeleton competitor so certainly evolved in that world Eh track so I might have to ask a little bit about if he ever worked with the Bodine's anything skeletons and other level crazy 'cause you're going down on your belly like headfirst like if you crash dude it's like snap neck like no luge is not s- babs let's not skeleton that's next level crazy like yeah that's just one of those Oh man I would actually have to do an interview with your co host there at some point I think we're GonNa talk some skeleton but all that being said I guess I need to get to my number five and I will go to middle I'll but I'm GonNa do what you did not do and no tanner faust is not my guy I wanted tanner to be on my list so bad this week but I just couldn't do it man like he got a championship able we take that seven day window or I guess maybe we could accounted in last week's results I don't know I had to go with ATCO though like you said he moved from the second the points he had a solid effort to wins on the season wrap things up at the finale with another victory also secured that team championship for Subaru of America so I had to Atarot acco on my list at number five hey you know all fairness though tenor we did get him on last week for taking the victory for the Americas I think he was the only match up that we had you know in on both of our lists I think he was number five both of us so you know we see tanner congratulations on you know getting another championship and I know it was a long time Catholic six seven years right Andretti cross I mean Yeah Scott speed locked him up year after year after year and you know I'm sure the tanner was probably getting a little and you know angsty like when's my turn coming by time coming in this really wasn't a year that looked like they were going to have a chance against the mighty just he's always been one of the most successful so well deserved championship didn't make the list for either side with the missing the final but certainly still well-deserved just you know just about anything in Tana's going to drive the wheels off of it so I I don't mean that in a bad way but I think just with the factory teams and Subaru in you know they're coming with a loaded team and Kinda like the Swan Song for the Beetle rallycross program you know and I think that's one of those a lot of people wanting what's tanner doing next year you know and and things like that but I think this is an interesting you're in a turning point I think tanner actually needed this championship because with all those changes I just mentioned happening I think there was probably a gray area like where what is standard doing next where does he go and I think you know if you're GONNA put.

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