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Were already seen. It doesn't matter who it is right. They haven't even announced who you know. Who president trump would nominate yet It's just the political elephant in the room as i've said before and just discussing potential replacements and we're already seeing on twitter and other venues Seen calls from the left for violence Some of them i saw. I can't remember who it was. I had his name written down. And i i don't know where it is. I apologize for that but saying that it would burn down the senate before they allow them to replace ruth bader ginsburg. Just awful awful things. I will link the article that i saw those names in so you'll have them in the description as well because i did save bookmark the article because i thought it was just utterly disgusting. The people were already calling for violence. should a replacement be stated That's just the world we live in. Unfortunately today folks that left when they don't get their way They call for violence and yet The are supposed to be the violent ones. is that an interesting twist But going back to the possible replacements. Even though none have been announced there are several names that are being floated Amy coney barrett ted cruz. Tom cotton josh hawley. Daniel cameron paul clement and noel francisco. Are the list that i see floating around quite a bit hands down the most talked about Potential candidate for replacement is amy. Coney barrett She seems to be the odds on favourite so far when you're watching coverage of this I don't know a lot about her I know that she was questioned Quite extensively based on her religion Whenever she was appointed to the position. She's in now by president trump and i felt like that was completely unconstitutional I think some people in congress need to go back and reread the constitution. And then know the loss that they're They sworn to uphold. But regardless you know over the next few days i would not be surprised to see amy conybeare get the nod from president trump and then moved to the senate judiciary hearings to her confirmation underway mitch. Mcconnell has already gone on record saying he would move a nomination to a vote. So i believe this will happen. Very quickly I know that. I i don't expect to see nomination this weekend So that's why i was. I wanted to give the weekend out of respect to the ginsburg family and to root peter. Ginsburg are for her lifetime of service but we will likely see a nomination sometime this week. with confirmation hearing starting likely before the presidential debates pro even have the first presidential debate on september twenty ninth. I fully believe that's how quickly this will move and so very possibly For christmas this year we might be getting a new supreme court justice and I'm just gonna go on record as saying by christmas or for christmas. In december There will be a new supreme court justice being sworn in To replace ruth bader ginsburg who that is remains to be seen Odds on favourite. Though is amy coney barrett so our gb my be replaced by acb so that could be it. But that's this episode. I wanted to go on record as to what i thought the outcome of this will be. I do believe it's going to move very very quickly. i don't think november third and whoever gets elected Is is going to impact this decision whatsoever. Even let's say. Joe biden wins the election. President trump still has up until january twenty to make that nomination and get confirmed so it's gonna be political fodder for the left and right absolutely it's gonna be a talking point it's going to be discussed ad nauseam But at the end of the day. I do think this is a decision that president trump is gonna make. It's going to be a nomination that he makes. It's going to be a nomination and mitch. Mcconnell will move forward to a vote and at that point we will see. I do believe that whoever is nominated will be confirmed. Especially if it is amy coney barrett i the things that i've read so far today Are all good things very constitutional in her decisions that she's made so far so that makes me feel good. I'm confident that she would be just as good as cavenaugh. Gorsuch have been so But a the key thing is that she is going to be complete polar opposite of who and what ruth bader ginsburg stood for so it is going to be a dynamic shift in the court itself so huge huge political coming with this and It's definitely gonna be fun to watch so that's gonna be it for this show. I do want to say again I don't wanna use this as a be respectful A person has has died A very iconic and historic person Who served our government selfishness selflessly and They did so with grace and elegance and just beautifully written decisions and descent so For me that means a lot to me and again her example of friendship beyond politics regardless of where your politics are. I think an example that all of us should be living by and so with that. I want to express my deepest condolences to the ginsburg family as their grieving. A loss of their matriarch and Yeah i wish nothing but the best for your families and forward and I am praying for you all and as always i wanna thank you viewers i for watching episode and listening into my opinion on this If you haven't already please remember to subscribe to the show and give a like or thumbs up on whatever platform you are listening or viewing this episode It does help me out a lot and please be sure to share with friends and family and co workers and you know anybody that you think might be interested in the show We continue to grow steady pace. So i'm happy about that And as always thank you again for spending time here with me and until next time take care of each other and god bless..

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