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That was very intelligent and very thoughtful. I really wanna say something as a counterpoint. To your to your argument that you say yes mix was. I say that was one of his best matches that he's performed and deva's wanted adsell by some other means to watch the pay per view. Because i was not as like my great like the greatest professional wrestler. I too have had nightmares. Tna and that's the reason why. i did not purchase. I went somewhere else to watch it. Watch that. But i digress to say this. That was best mask because of kenny omega and my point is this if everybody keeps saying this was a impact capability this was just a impact. April was theoretically but if you as anybody who purchased through which they purchase just to watch it watch the impact wrestling or they were there to watch. Just watch kenny omega. Try to get the knowing that he was going to get the title and try to think about it for weeks. It was eight of you coming to impact. No and only that reputation impact was based on cabinet. He was as basically a make them being made mega mark on dash on the show on impact. Which has nearly between eight hundred thousand to that stuff up with scraps. I also say this. That was kind of strange that they had to pay for their own advertising to to just show with a million followers. You didn't have no mention of any other matches on their show. it would. Yes basically a kenny omega pay-per-view last night you can you could say it wasn't you can say was because of the idiots that we had as the fda announcer as matt striker was burying everybody. And hey with mega. I don't do that was good about the show. Was kenny omega an bottle marriott overnight. We're not that was it. Everything else was just an average ten pay per view that was above average. They take that ten for very appreciative of your review. John here's the thing about people saying well. They had to pay for their own advertising. How much money does the confab we have in the budget. How much money do they have for this in the budget. How much money is impact. And i know they're owned by whatever it is now i forget the group but like i mean come on. They paid for their own advertising. But like that's okay. I think that's being overblown. And i think people are just. There's a point there without when in my opinion From the outside but well let's just say good. I'm just going to say that. Like is anyone considered and i don't know if this is the case. Don't write some dumb story about this. But anyone considered that maybe. Tnt was like. We really don't want you to promote a rival pay per view that none of us are getting any money from on a rival network like cross anyone's mind. I mean maybe. It's okay for kenny. Omega show up with the tnt title but i mean or the impact wrestling title the teenage title but maybe they were sort of like can we promote our own stuff like blood and guts and our next pay per view and not promoting. I mean what is what is tnt. Getting out of any of this. What is aws getting out of this except for the storyline that they've got so maybe there was eighty cree that no you cannot from the subject to them. Every fan knows what's going on anyway so you don't even have to do that. Aew again much like they're doing. They're helping out impact if they him some money for advertising. You know look again at work out. Great for impact and that they're actually getting some is on their product in your john. Kenyon is one of the only reasons anybody watch. Don collins was another reason why as well too and since they were the catalyst to get people there you gotta put on your put your best foot forward and it sounds like because i didn't see the entire card for the most part they did that. So a w for wrestling fans is what it sounded like last night. Which is something. That's been forgotten about in this because a good wrestling show is wrestling show period process. Aws also helping out nwa by taking thunder rosa. That's a completely different thing i mean. When's the last time you saw them. Promoting it nwa pay per view on an aws show you ever seen that. You've ever seen them promoting television show or anything. They use her they. They're using the good brothers but there's a difference between using them and saying hey. This other organization is running a pay per view. And by the way you know we've got pay per views coming up as well and they've got this television show on another channel and we're just gonna like give them free promotion. I mean obviously was okay for impacted by their ads on. Tnt but maybe that's the extent of what tnt once as far as promotion for this on their show and you could see this down the line with thunder. Rosa and serena deeb now that the nwa is running pay per views. And things like that where it's like. Hey look you know. We've been letting you do this or that in the third with with our women and our championship in having it out there. Can you do this for us. You know this is what we would really like you to do if you wanna bring thunder rosa back to have match with brit or whatever it's going to be so we could see that down the line to again to yeah like you bench and there's tnt involved in this. There's people that look at anthem. And they look at the what is hd network. Why why are we helping them. They look at that from a different completely. Different point of view so like brian mentioned if that. If that's the case or as part of the case i mean that deal with van all right to the phones adam. You're on the air what is going on. Hey guys I have a question comment about eighty. W so it's my favorite my favorite show. I love it. I don't want to sound like i'm being difficult. But i'm curious as to how they structured their show around commercial breaks and the reason i'm bringing this up is last week. We watched cutie marshall and no sense sixty two year old. Billy gunn have a match. It was fine no commercials but then the main event. I felt like. I had to watch half of that picture in picture. And i'm kind of thinking ahead to blooding guts and that's not exactly a match that i wanna watch broke up with a bunch of commercials and well brothers pictures. So you're you're stuck because that match. I wanna thank you very much for the call. And i'm i'm still curious about this but that is a one match. Show the dynamite. Show that airs. You're not going to get like a warm-up match is could be one match one match now obviously and television. You can show some video packages. And i guess going to be doing some matches on the screens and whatever but allegedly a one match show so that means this match is going to go a really long time and in fact it will be broken up by commercials and such now as far as the show this past wednesday. How long was billy gunn in q t three minutes. The main event was lot longer than that i can. I can just tell you that they look at the minute by minute ratings. And.

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