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Having you, Bob and that timeframe. Shopping district. Yes people came from all over the city the. Valley from from Central Avenue all the way down in orange free, there were failures. There were delicatessens those coffee shops. Fish market markets. There's only two things you couldn't buy on the value. And that were drugs and guns. I shouldn't. Be a herald. Appreciate the call on, but here's the thing. As you look at places that were burned on or rather looted I'm sorry on Saturday night look at Joseph Avenue and here's thing I Iran I. Think I, was on Joseph Avenue now. I crossed Joe Savvy on yesterday. I ran up Hudson ran over de to Clinton and down Clinton to driving park, and then I came over and ran out lyle and in down to Genesee, and I went down Genesee, and then up Jefferson back into downtown, but the point is and I love Joseph Avenue, but it's a pit, right? It's not come back. It's it's a dead zone. Got Schneiderman is the only. Surviving business from that era and it has not come back. And the deal is that you know. We hope for better for like good. Plaza. We hope for better for the the near portion of Monroe Avenue. We hope for better for lyle out in the neighborhood child, but you know how no fight hold my breath. It is time for news with the Great Alexa Olson. When she is done. We'll be back with you on newsradio. WAM.

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