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One zero three one WGN y. The fake news media is not my enemy. It is. The enemy of the American people one hundred percent what the media, I I'm glad you finally quoting it correctly. I think some of the coverage Abusir, and I've said it on the record is biased. But I don't think that there is bias. But the idea that you call us the enemy of the people calling you I'm talking altogether. Don't understand it. We're all together. No, no, no. I'm not calling you. The New York Times we're in solidarity. Curling fake news fake reporting is what's tearing this country apart because people know people like things that are happening. And they're not hearing about it. I think the president doubling down here is the right way to go. I don't know why he would back off of this. There's a lot of fake news out there that this this notion. This is the central the central problem is this idea that the mainstream media does not have an insane. Obvious problem of left wing bias. I just I'm not going to get past that anytime soon that is the truth. It is reality, you know, the same way, and it's not because only liberals want to be journalists know, they've created an echo chamber, they enforce it like a country club with arbitrary regulations and rules and enough is enough. And it's all about they talk about power and structures. The journalist power structure is controlled by libs controlled by the left. Then Trump got into a little more on that interview. Where he well. He said some things about. Admiral mcraven, and Admiral mcraven was the commander of. What was it joint special operations command during the operation that killed Osama bin Laden, so now people are saying and Trump said something like I wish I wish we'd gone bin Laden's sooner which true, everyone, which is we got bin Laden sooner. But it's is clearly meant to be a little bit of like, you know, that guys. No, he's not perfect. Nobody's perfect. Let's calm down. And now there's a lot of pushback against Trump because they're saying navy Admiral mcraven is decorated his career military professional professionals professional within the special operations community and all that stuff and the GOP from its official Twitter account shirt. Earlier today that worth noting after recent comments retired Admiral William mcraven was reportedly on Hillary Clinton shortlists for vice president in two thousand sixteen. He's been critical of President Trump even dating back to the twenty. Sixteen campaign. He's hardly a non political figure. A couple of thoughts. I mean, first of all nobody that stepping the political arena is beyond having their ideas, criticized period, full stop. Okay, nobody. Now that doesn't mean you should be disrespectful the people, but everyone's ideas and assertions should be open to challenge and criticism. And and that's a fundamental part of what makes this country this country. But when the left does on the Democrats do this thing of oh, Trump is so disrespectful to the military. You'll notice that there's there is a pattern here the pattern is that people. Go after Trump he goes back after them, and he doesn't consider and he and he tries to punch back twice as hard. He doesn't consider there to be off limits areas. The way that other people would now you can tactically disagree with that. I think a lot of you probably do a lot of you. Probably don't depends on the specifics of the case at hand. But whether it's mcraven or mcchrystal, I mean, there are a number of these guys were very highly regarded former military, and they have been critical of Trump and ways mcchrystal was fired for being critical of Obama actually wasn't really him was his staff in a Rolling Stone article they were quoted as being critical of Obama what they said about Obama fire recall was mostly true. We had no idea. What the heck? He's talking about knew nothing about the military. Did nothing about the intelligence community. All of that was true. But Obama didn't like that. But you look at some of these figures, and you said yourself, okay? I mean, they're stepping out and they want to battle with Trump. And when you battle the Trump, you're you're dealing with the man himself and mcraven statement, by the way that the biggest threat to our democracy is Trump saying the enemy of the American people is perhaps the greatest threat to democracy in my lifetime mcraven road that just goes back to this. Another thing about the, you know, the threat to democracy from Trump. This is a delusion. I don't care what somebody did before they're saying this they're wrong in saying this Trump is not a threat to democracy, it is hyperbolic garbage. There's no evidence for it. The only evidence is they don't like his comments, but comments are actually a part of democracy. 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