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Of a king pan who operates a company to mainly benefit himself earlier this year a PS detained millions of dollars of political spending the company spent nearly forty million dollars opposing the twenty eighteen initiative that would have required the utility to use more renewable energy jailer police are looking for a suspect that hit and killed a sixty eight year old woman whose crossing ray road and almost school road the vehicle was traveling westbound on ray August sixteenth when it hit the woman and kept driving police say the vehicle is missing its front driver's side and rear passenger side hub cap the passenger side window also appears to be held up with duct tape if you have any information please give police a call Arizona is not unique with wrong way freeway crashes but it's no consolation after national numbers just don't go down the U. S. averages three hundred it wrongly deaths a year with sixteen in Arizona this year two thirds of crashes involve impairment and we've made recommendations to lower the PAC for illegal driving to point oh five. as director Robert Malloy with the NTSB is highway safety office who tells errors on this morning news that the freeways and the streets just need more signs Arizona governor Doug Ducey is appointed bill Montgomery to the Arizona Supreme Court replacing retiring justice Scott bales county attorney bill Montgomery was one of seven finalists the governor announced his decision via Twitter this afternoon he says he was looking for an individual who wants to interpret the lot not someone who wants to write the law and ethics complaint was filed yesterday against Montgomery over claims he violated state bar of Arizona rules by failing to properly supervise embattled prosecutor Juan Martinez in the Jodi arias trial Ashley flight KTAR news. time now for a traffic.

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