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Trump but also of brexit in britain and elsewhere so yeah it's under threat but it's it's not over mainly we still do have a new international trading system though we may see see now well that will survive we also have a degree of stability in the international monetary system so it's not over but the being shaken a bit and professor last year by breaks these are just a second given that you coined the the term soft power how has trump's first year in power affect america's soft power around the world where surf powers the ability to get what you want through attraction rather than koraish or pay but and if you look at the public opinion polls you'll see that attraction of the ice age has gone down around the whole world it's uh president trump has been very bad for american soft power what's more his budget day which he calls a heart power budget or budget director mick mulvaney calls it that uh cuts about a third of the resources that was scheduled for soft power issues in the state department did usa and so forth so it's not surprising the american soft power as measured by polls is down i don't these issue of standing in the world professor you'll probably aware that uk prime minister theresa may as we speak is shaking up cabinet the main positions of state remained in the uh the big fools names but given the brexit is a pro says the filmgoing how is that affecting the eu case standing across the world well i think brexit is not good for britain standing britain have their position as sort of a connector between europe and the united states britain also had a position of being a very important part of of what was happening inside europe and going through divorce instead of that has hurt britain uh how well it will recover or not remains to be seen about the terms of the rewards it comes as french president emmanuel macron is is is in china and you reach the d roads have peace in project syndicate will use for the postulated what's.

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