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News jazz. Here's the real question. Is the bears offense bad. Or is the miami dolphins defense really booking that good you gotta think about it josh. Chicago didn't record a first down until they were thirty. Seconds left in the first half yeah. That's that's impressive. jake. And i mean. I think it's a little bit of both here again. They're getting some of the kinks out with the bears offense. You know andy. Dalton's andy dalton for being completely honest and my defense i mean. I don't know how you felt jake. But i mean the run defense. Look better we without exhibiting howard. I'm byron jones out there. Nick needham. I mean he played awesome had to pass breakups. I think he was actually a number one. Great player for the dallas sticking at ninety point three. Sorry might get sick. He was a dolphins number one rated player from pro football focus. Nickname was a ninety. So i mean this guy was out there a ball now and defensive player everyone offensive player and you have written here chicane griffin. I mean i posted that playmate and that was so incredible. Seem explode through the line. Almost get to the quarterback get to fields air and then chased him down from behind. Force that ball out so again. That wasn't the first team defense. I think that's what you're asking here. But i do think jake. The dolphins defense is a little bit better than what we expected to see this early on. Yeah josh i. I think i have to agree with you. There christian wilkins. I saw him kind of off the page with a an error early. It just seemed like he missed a tackle but then he made up with it with a blow up. Near the line of scrimmage run play and then he defended pass so that was pretty cool to see our aircrew lockdown at that was also my justed coleman kind of made connect with goofy when he tried to hurdle for some reason. That's certainly what you wanna do. The preseason but yeah just. I think miami's defense good. There's a lot of depth than they're going to be part of more questions so let's keep on keep on keeping on here. That is the big. That is the big thing there. Jake you did say depth. And i mean i think that was what was obviously most impressive to me was just whether it's a defensive. Line linebackers the secondary. I mean depth steps. Step is what this unit has. I'm gonna take number three. I want to read this off. Because i failed the first one so i mean again. Complete tailspin on monday morning Jake number three. Is it time we accept the fact that you wrote this. I don't want to take care of the is it time we accept the fact that it's at least possible that age. Twenty eight and sixth year to keen grants. Best season may becoming. How much does it have to jane. Waddell being in the picture. So jake i mean you mentioned here. We're seeing this all season. Hearing that you grant. I mean for lack of a better word seems like a little bit of a different player. You know he looked explosive out there. I mean that punt that he returned after waddles. I mean water looked explosive man. I mean we're all on the receipt. We were all excited watching him. You know change direction. I we were goosebumps and then he came back and almost did the same thing. I kind of joked are the dolphins gonna run a to punt return system like to kick richard system. I don't know what they're gonna do back there. It's it's definitely a nice problem to have and it was nice to see you know kim grant again. Elevate his game a little bit because you could just see him out. There looked like he was playing a little bit harder after he obviously saw jalen waddell takeoff that big return but as far as receiver. Jake i don't know if this is the year that we see each take off in this receiving core because again it's loaded loaded loaded but every day. A new injury seems to pop up. So your guesses goes my man. What do you think. I think the best opportunity for grant would be if he gets mismatched. Mass you know what. The third or fourth cornerback. Somehow the linebackers on him. That'd be fun to see. It was back down to one thing. Josh matt is his ability to catch the ball. He can do that. I think he will pretty much locked himself up in a spot and the thing i think is so interesting. Here is the competition. And i'm not trying to say you know kim granted at work before. Joe walsh showed up. We saw the videos on instagram. We saw the videos on twitter about how often he's working during the off season but maybe having some out there who can do what jalen model did on that twenty four yard punt return just unlock set a little bit of extra sauce. That might be needed for him to really prove to boras end company that He really deserves a this roster. Despite so many receivers jalen waddell was asked about the offense overall performance today and he thought it was smooth. He said we got our flow going. It was good to compete really. It was good to compete against someone else other than our guys. I think it was a good day and obviously Was trying to say. Thank god against xavi. How buyer jets data island. Yeah it's much easier. You're not going against the dolphins secondary. But jake i think maybe i. I'm not gonna speak for you but i do think you know as hard as i've been on the second that he's cut or you know picked up or traded. I do think you know that could be what it takes to push him. Elevate him to that next level. I mean people joking. What if he ends up with in kansas city with patrick mahomes again. I mean then. I'll probably draft interesting right and my fantasy team. That's probably what will happen in that situation. Moving on jake. You mentioned the offense a lot of the offense success. This season is going to be surrounding the offensive line. And you know we talked about a little bit on the pre. Show some of the concerns. We had But that was more focused on the right side line. Now we're sitting here talking. Oh shit you know. This is the left side that we might need to be concerned about. So jake planet simple. Should we worry about austin jackson. As the teams left tackle. Without a lot of depth behind him you have written Five pressures panky and jackson allowed the second. Most pressures among tackles in week one. I think he was rated a thirty point. Five or one or something insane by pro football focus and again. We don't take those that's not gospel. You know those are not one hundred percent set in stone but to get a thirty. I mean i think jake you and i could probably went out. There may put up a thirty s coverage that might be pushing a little bit but he did having the pressures on eighteen snaps bit concerning civil like austin jackson. And it's just of music thing about the fact that you know despite us expecting all these guys to take that step. The dolphins don't have that depth on the offensive line especially after losing glucose. So i'm not ready to complete smash the panic button about objects did i mean. I think this dashboard drinking beer for about a year at the is the second year in the league But you do wish. There's a little bit adapt a little bit of. Let's say that let's set a line. Josh is really started. All part we think about kinley. I could burke fighting over there. I just seems like it's very shaky ground entity cool to see someone like learn coleman the teams seven round pick. He played at umass a little bit of a smaller school to say the least But he has the physical traits becoming offensive lineman. So i'm hoping maybe throughout the preseason regency start to slut by that second tackle spot and really start to kind of give the dolphins a little bit adapt at that might kind of sure with offensive line is really missing. Probably not but we can hope yet. And i hate that. We're so down on these second-year player so soon you know because again we talked about. Chicago's defense defensive. Front is pretty damn good so even if that was you know. Some of their backups. And things like that. I mean get sick to get sacked context. Yeah and again. i don't know man. I think you know we definitely have a reason to be concerned because again if if offensive line can't block and can't take that next step. I don't think this offense can't either jake. But with austin jackson young player against second season..

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