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So you won't even have to worry about that. Which is a nice luxury. I mean, we'll see what happens, you know. I just know what kind of competitive is. And whatever he wants to do, you know, he has my my supporting a hundred percent. I think he's done, you know, just an amazing job so far as as a fighter, you know, as as a person as a businessman, so whatever he wants to do I'm behind him, and whatever he wants to do I'm in. I'm gonna help them while so yeah. In last thing for you. Cain it again, great to talk to you. And and, you know, so nice to hear your voice again in your mind. All goes well against Francis. Where does that put you in the in the heavyweight division? How quickly do you wanna be in a title fight? Quickly. We'll see how the fight goes. You know, I never made. I never liked the actions. I wanna go out there. You know? So people again that I've that I've improved in and show that and you know, with that I I believe title contention right away. Yeah. Okay. Interesting. All right. I'm looking forward to it February seventeenth Phoenix. Arizona on ESPN. Wow. Still seems weird to say that Cain Velasquez vs Francis. And gun in the main event, I'm looking forward to welcome back Caine, thanks for doing this. I appreciate it. Good luck in the last month and a half of training. Thank you. All right. Great to talk to there is L compu- on himself came Velazquez, so great to talk to him. Welcome back. Kane. I'm looking forward to that main event. February seventeenth Phoenix, Arizona. Okay. Let's move along in a couple minutes in around three minutes. We're going to be joined by our next guest her name. Rachel Oeste vich. She's been in the news as of late she is competing on the January nineteenth card against page vans. At you found out about this fight probably back in. I think August it was first reported by funding dot com, and it has come in and out of the news for various reasons, and she is going to join us via the magic a Skype. Back in mid November, November eighteenth to beat Zach news came out that she was hospitalized early November eighteenth suffering from a broken orbital bone a day or so later, we found out that her husband a mixed martial arts. Fighter named Arnold Burdon was arrested on suspicion of second degree attempted murder. And that Rachel had been granted a temporary restraining order against her husband on November twenty first we found out that Burdon was charged with second degree assault. And on November twenty six we found out that he pleaded not guilty and that his self his claim would be self defense. When the issue goes to trial. That would be the preliminary hill hearing would be on February eighteenth. So that's when we first found out, and we found out about the news in mid November. And then we found out that she would most likely not remain on the card against patriots on January nineteenth. But very shortly thereafter, we found out that she was going to remain on the card that it was her call that she wanted to keep fighting that it was very important for her to keep fighting put out a wonderful statement about wanting to keep going, and everyone seemed very excited that she was going to keep on fighting. We then later found out in December that Greg hardy was going to be on that same card and that sparked a whole new conversation about both of them being on the same card and a lot of people wanted to talk to Rachel about it at that time. This was around the Toronto card. We reached out her. She didn't wanna talk about it. She went to focus on the flight. But here we are less than two. Away from the January nineteenth card, and she is very kind enough and gracious enough to be joining us..

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