Fox News, Hollywood, Harvey Weinstein discussed on Orlando's Morning News


Of our, top story did the power of yesterday's storms catch you off guard San Fran the lightning strikes are heavy get ready for another round today starting at two fortunately though the pattern is about To change we'll get. Back to normal tomorrow through the weekend the rain. Chance will be down to thirty to forty percent I'm channel nine eyewitness news meteorologist Brian shields we'll have. The stormcenter ready inactivated if needed if. You can become part of the team. Let us know what's happening where you are. Using the open mic in the news ninety six point five WDBO app well you. Might disagree but officially it rained. Nine inches in July that's to above normal channel nine meteorologist Tom Terry says it's more impressive. When you add it all up going back to mother's day we have had over twenty five inches of rain and Orlando that's two feet plus. And we're over eight inches above average for that same. Period of time calls that are wet, season death valley seems to be torching, its own. Record for. The hottest month in history the notorious national park recording an average temperature just over one hundred eight degrees in. July that record is almost an entire degree above the record death. Valley set in July two, thousand seventeen of one hundred seven. Margot Robbie is. Considering, joining Nicole Kidman in an Untitled movie about the Fox News. Sexual harassment scandal the Hollywood reporter says Kidman will portray Gretchen. Carlson and parent will play Megan, Kelly Robbie. Nominated for an Oscar for playing Tonya Harding. In Tanya the Hollywood reporter says the film, could include rules for former anchor Greta van Susteren and Bill o'riley interesting that they're gonna they're gonna make a Hollywood. Movie, out of the, out of the FOX sex scandal I would. Say that the Harvey Weinstein. Sex scandal, is bigger right, but it but interesting they're they're not gonna go. After Harvey Weinstein they'll go. After Fox News I'm sure everybody is stunned by Hollywood's decision. They're five forty nine, to eleven minutes late if it got. To be there by six o'clock you're listening to Orlando's morning. News are full five day forecast brought to you by the law offices HALE HALE. End Jacobsen good morning Tom Joe just like yesterday we're going to get showers and thunderstorms. Cranked up again later this afternoon we'll take both seabreezes. To get things really fired up and because it's going to. Take both. Sea breezes we'll have some later afternoon and Early evening thunderstorms to contend, with near I. Four and like yesterday is going to be a warm human afternoon ninety one..

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