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Make sure to hang around at the end of this podcast for the latest breaking headlines on the AP news minute. If you like the first degree you're going to love enough about me, with shop rose on podcast, one twin the southern charm stars. He talks about reality TV am beyond with his wide array of interesting, friends download new episodes of enough about me every week on apple podcasts and podcast. One. So she continues, she said of what happened. He said he did get there to open the locked mass for from door, which is originally. Why glorious? Summoned him to the house. They started arguing he punched her in the back of the head. She hit her head on the door as she fell. He blacked out, quote unquote. And when he woke up had a belt around her neck in one foot on her back and kept pulling and pulling in pulling in polling. He then said that when she hit her head on the door. She started bleeding. He poured mustard all over this. Danes. Mariah continued about how David cleaned up the scene. We started cleaning. He took a screwdriver in fiend. Leftover blood spots in the grout between tile grounded bathroom mats from the dryer. We flip them over and started picking off a rubber that had stains in this is in reference to grout as well. You know how there's caulk like in cracks. He's like that. He then grabbed one of glorious shoes in snacks, Gloria in the head with it niece said that when he was choking here. He had one foot on her back, and he wanted a smaller footprint. Throw them off to me. It sounds like he's trying to flame frame, Mariah. Yeah. If you have a woman's shoe, you're trying to make a smaller footprint for wet who in the woman who would it be dammit. So. David venues, black painters, plastic to wrap up Corey, his body and used wire hangers that he looked the belts to hold all the plastic together as he dragged the body to the car. A hand when a glorious hands fell out, and he tucked back in. Then they left the house in drove around looking for a place to dispose of his body. She said we were driving around everywhere aimlessly when we exited he was looking for canal. But everywhere we went to his afraid, somebody would see us. I'm pretty scared. We're gonna get pulled over. And I just wanna make him think everything is okay between the two of us probably he doesn't turn on her. I mean, the has to be the most terrifying thing. Ver- just killed his own mother, and she's so young like you don't you're, you know, I can't imagine what was going through in her brain. Like how do you defend yourself? What do you like to comply with the person that she's got this strange relationship, where it's like her romantic something? But also her brother since she's ten bright. That's what when she said like it's David, like my brother. You know, like Christmas is, it's just probably very weird confusing. Yeah. So one point, when they're driving around they stopped at a gas station. And Mariah used David's cash to pay for gas inside the convenience store. I'm sure the police were asking her why shouldn't ask for help when she was inside the gas station. And she said that she was in love with David and didn't want to get him into trouble. So Gan like the confusion there. Well, he's, he's manipulative. He's a predator. Oh for sure. So it's like she. Yeah. He's been grooming her since she was like eleven years old. Yeah. Like a young child as they left the desert David told her to drive really slow. And he sat on the trunk and he was trying to fan out the tire trails. And they didn't talk much on the drive back to Gloria's house. And we're Iowa starting to think that she was next when there are back at the house. David tried to lighten the mood. She said that he asked for oral sex, but he wasn't serious. He laughed and she said that he was just kidding just terrifying. Mariah said that they got into several fights over moving glorious car. And those were the phone calls that happened between five thirty and six in the morning, the following day, she said that he yelled at her because he thought people had seen him and he also was saying that he should have worn pants because people would have seen has prosthetic leg. Subarea also comes clean about how he and shave. It went from step siblings to a relationship, which it was, which was in her terms. She said it happened on a trip from Phoenix to El Paso. She said it was on July fifth twenty two thousand five we, let's do the math doesn't five this is two thousand nine and she's fifteen in two thousand nine to two thousand five. She's eleven. Right. I mean I pull this from the appeal. So it's not like we made it up. So we start touching me. They known each other since she was eleven and she got pregnant by him during her freshman year in high school, which means that she was fourteen she had his baby at fifteen and gave the baby boy up for adoption. So aki. So now this guy obviously is a predator, and he saw it. It's. This is really one of the more twisted cases that we've done because the idea that his mother any had a good relationship with his mother. His mother bear offense took care of him when is when is foot got chopped off or as as lead got chopped off. I mean and the fact that him live for free in her home. Let the his wife, Laura in her four kids move, in with her so they could save for a house. I mean, they I think consistently had a good relationship in knots, then he's rolling party us. So after they have everything they need from Mariah. They get a warrant for his arrest and on September fourth two thousand nine he's arrested. So what he was being walked out to police car a reporter asked him a question. He says, mom, I love you with all my heart. Please. Help me. One. I think I if crazy things time, it's more like, wow, like, do you really did up your mom? I think that's her is like his mom looks like a really nice lady. You know what to me, I'm, like, really like your third like, don't make other women out there and you're going to kill your mom over,.

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