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Through exemptions with DJ ROY in saucy. Love to hear your takes on the binding against boxing amaze. So I assume he's asking, like how fortunate our enemy fans that we actually get see the best fight the bass as opposed to boxing. We're like how long did it take us? Finally, Manny flying out of the way. I mean either that fight happened. The two thousand nine I think that's an obviously as most bought pave you ever, but the two thousand nine that's a high level boxing match made pack ya'll's still in running through the division level still still unseeded, but two thousand nine I feel like it's a bigger deal in terms of competition, rather than making money. So as I made fans how fortunate are we that we get to see the best fight the best on frequent basis? Oh, yeah. It's very important. You know, especially from the hardcore fans from fighters themselves, they wanna see the best fight fight the best. And, and we wanna fight the best. That's why we get into the sport. You know, obviously, we wanna make money but deep down inside, we want to know that we could be the best. So we wanna fight the best possible guy out there. Who's who's the champion who's on the top who has the most wins? But in boxing, it seems to be corrupted promoters, can't come to an agreement where, you know, their top guys, not gonna fight this top God, and it's unfortunate because people are only in their prime for so long. And we wanna see in, in guys primes, if we wanna see them fight, and that's not always the case. Sometimes these promoters, wait, too late to make the bachelors. And then it's no longer the same scenario at no longer has the Saint heat behind it. But yeah, I, I wish boxing would step up in that aspect that we would see the Joshua's Tyson, fury's the Wilders all kind of mix it up and and everyone fight while they're in the top of their game? So, yeah, we're lucky has Emma may fans at fighters to, to. Have that as part of the game right now. I agree with you one hundred percent the only I will play the lab kit, though. And we'd never got to see Angela by George Saint Pierre, which was a to me is the big is one of the biggest missed opportunities in, in Europe. See history where there was a time when they had both cleaned after division, a welterweight middleweight in, if they had just met in the middle or Georgia jumped up twenty five like he did he gets Michael bisbee later later on proven that he could be eyeballing fighter. But that to that just stands out in my mind is like, like tone, do the box. They just find yourself. You guys are clearing. I mean it it still happens in may. It just happens less, and you know not as not as obvious. Not as more frequent, but it still does happen. I feel like as far as promotion goes in general, there's fighters that are being protected due to potential power in the future. They wanna give them the right matchups. I think they do this with showing valley a little bit. And now we're seeing him. Fight Cheeto Veira, I believe this is his first real test against the guy who could potentially beat them while we that's a perfect segue. We actually have a comments about that, that flight. So if you want to expand on that, like sugar, Sean, obviously, he's out with us. You saw at a tainted supplement thing now. He's being fight. I believe his last fight was USC. I wanted to twenty two which I which was max versus. No. It was supposed to be maximum. Frankie being cyborg from this guy in Franken ended up getting knocked out by Brian Ortega, but sugar Sean big test in front of internet, blah. Again, international fight week in other big card, your thoughts on this matchup in your division, correct. Bantamweight. Yeah. Down with. Away. So thoughts on the sugar show and his chances against the Cheeto Veira, it's an intriguing fight on. I like to see that. They're, they're giving him a test. Finally, I'm not not to say anyone. He's fought isn't a good fighter..

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