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Howdy 85 sforza ryan johnston and mike flynn did you see this story about derek jeter you're gonna love this well to clean house what doesn't have the consolidate himself there is a report from the miami herald derek jeter of course is you know part of the group that has buying the miami marlins and um apparently he you is going to clean house they've got some some like marlins legends that are on the payroll as i don't know i don't know like consultants special special assistance to the president here you know kind of thing andre dawson tony perez jeff tony i as tony perez marlins with a dangerous he marlins now but he's a must be laundry dawson diesel he's a local andre dawson did like when they first when the marlins first started andre dawson was down there jeffco nine and and jack mckeown the manager to move the world series and in 2003 so the four of them are all on the payroll as quote special assistance the president now i'm sure they don't really do much now such a what a gig i'd love to know what they were making doing that this new and higher just a little honorarium just a little something hey thanks for thanks for the help sedarat cheater and his group taking over the marlins derek jeter goes to the president and says uh by the way you're not stare you're you're going to be out and on your way out can you a call andrei dos who twenty peres jeffco nine and jack mcginn and tell them their fired well the only thing i hear here's what i will say i think mckee it was i saw a quote by him just like ios sad disappointed but this new ownership i didn't think i was going to be.

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