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There's plenty of weight nine there's plenty of ways for families defined a system that works for them. And I think just the simple fact that you're aware of the issue and thinking about it is a step in the right direction to the great irony recently that we've seen with with. I guess. Flattery is what does that say about any of them? Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. What we have sent us. Not really this isn't really imitation. But what we've seen is gun control groups like moms demand action getting project child safe locks from the local police department, and then like packaging them with their anti-gun, literature and distributing those. And like taking pictures and being proud of it and we've had to go back to our love. We're sparring to say, you know, that's not really what this is about. Right. Like, we we appreciate that. They care about safety. And it's pretty ironic because here's a group that's funded by a multi-billionaire. And we say all the time, you know, the the gun control groups, I don't have any programs. They just you know, they don't they don't actually do anything. They don't have a gun say any gun safety initiatives, and one of the reasons child safe is I think so successful. And why this American Foundation for suicide prevention is approached us is you know, as the industry, we have we have licensed to talk to gun owners. Right. They'll listen to us. Right. Many. If if a gun control group, you know, hands out a lock it's going to, you know, they don't they don't want to lock on a gun. They don't want the gun. Right. Like, they say get the gun. They should be guns in the house. But. The American Foundation for suicide prevention like, you know. You know, we need you got we need your help to communicate to gun owners. How do we communicate to gun owners? How do we get? This message across without offending them. Or turning them off, you know? So that they will listen to the message, you know. And so that's why I think that program is acceptable. And we'll be successful. It's a good one. We've taken up Tony your time. That's all right. We have a thing called concludes. Tiverton the conclusion you wanna throw it. It's not mandatory. You don't need to do it concluded that was good conversations could spend time with you. We got to visit very briefly in New Hampshire at that conference. But. But that's the first time we've really had a chance to have a conversation. So I welcome spun does your concluded. Yeah. I'm gonna reciprocate with mica, computer. A really glad you were able to take time walk through a lot of the stuff. I think we've covered a lot of things that are probably pretty unfamiliar. Yeah. That's all. We ain't nobody nobody knows the tenth or they know a tenth of what you guys do and the other nine there's also the problem with this stuff. You think you know? And you realize there's a little more to it. Yeah. Yeah. And we have a great great group of people that work at the national shooting sports foundation really passionate about what we do. And dedicated to serving our members, and we're really proud of our.

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