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Not and while it took several minutes the whole situation was gradually reigned in the police stayed back and the overly eager crowd were once again under james spell they left the stage without incident given the enormity of the situation and the match like ability of violence to spark in a highly charged environment james had one chance to get it right and thankfully for those at the concert for the police the councilmen and the mayor he did the concert continued and the crowd dispersed from the gardens feeling like they got the full experience and despite the riots other cities were experiencing that night and the many nights after and despite the forty life loss to the violence boston on that night was free of any of these troubles the hardest working man in the business had worked overtime that night while i record this episode it's gorgeous outside where i live the house of winter how would long into the spring but now summer is fast approaching and for me there's no better time to reacquaint myself with the authors i admire and binge lewis and all the great works i've come to love and maybe throw a few new ones in the mix but without fail my summers have to start with ivan turgenev i love there's something about this account of unrequited love from an author whose everyday life was dedicated to a married woman who could never reciprocate just fills me with melancholy now there may be some of you who've never had the opportunity to hear.

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