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It is so obvious to see that, you know, he was very detrimental to the cavenaugh process that he probably ruined any chances of a Blue Wave for the Democrats take over the Senate and addition to the house if it was possible at all. But he clearly this is a hit from the left. The get this guy away from us know, why do they have to spin it towards Trump? He's the best thing that ever happened for the Republicans. Credits. No, he's the best thing ever happened to the Republicans. Because to know he was screwing the Democrats screwed it up. No. I'm talking about Trump. Tov nadi. I'm talking about the Nadi. Yes. Why does he see state the obvious that this would, you know, the clearly nosy obvious and you talking about Jeff pa- gays as the only straight shooter on CBS, and he will not veer from the V will not veer out of the lane. He didn't really won't be lame. But I have this statement from noughties worth hearing. That I would say enlists statement was not available to time of this airing that that would be remiss because of what usually hit a piece of a clip like that keep he he had a little piece of it. Just the very short piece. Here's the full statement. Very very sustained. First of all I want to thank the hardworking VIN women of the LAPD for their professionalism and their work today. They had no. In light of the allegation. Secondly, I have never struck a woman I never will strike a woman I've been advocate for women's rights by tire career. And I'm going to continue to be an advocate. I am not going to be intimidated from stopping what doing a bother to beautiful smart daughters. I would never disrespect them by touching a woman inappropriately or striking a woman. I didn't look forward to a full investigation at which point. I have confident that I will be fully exonerated. I also wanna thank everyone for their support. That is reached out. You know, my character. You know me as a man, I appreciate it. You know me as a man, and I appreciate it. Thank you got daughters. About it. That's his excuse. But the accusation is serious the accusation is that he he is fairly picture supposedly Poche with what's in the in the mill that's been floating around right wing talk shows, supposedly there's pictures of her withers just bashed the shit is apparently she took a took a shot at him or took a punch at him. She's beaten up, and he there is also supposedly him claiming that she hit me. I she hit me. I. I haven't heard that. Intially? Yeah. Thanks to cut. Thank the culture. Not beating the crap out of him. Right. Thanks for doing a good good. Good job guys. Exactly. C couple other things that were actually. Give me a little update on the on the 'cause I've completely lost track of the elections or the the vote count. I should say what did we still have an issue in Florida and? Redoing votes in California, and the I don't really have an update clip. Okay. But because they're all pretty boring machines and Florida stop working Florida's just a nightmare. I do have something that's kind of an update us need to catch up on which is what's going on with Amazon. Okay. You mean, Amazon H Q two H Q two and a half or whatever it is. Because guess too. Two of them one in Virginia one in New York. New York one is backfiring. As I was suspecting. It would and I wanted to the tax breaks. Well, because New York. Yeah. Yeah. I have a clip an inch. Have this guy Kim who's a state Senator or state assemblyman to going on and on about this? And then I have a third clip, which is is the US congress progressive caucus, and it which is kind of a contrast it with these other clips doing, but try Amazon intro D..

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