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California and nevada uh the old dan valley america's director breaking national park that's right death valley is the lowest riased and oddest place in the united states oh not just the us cairo eyes i went to read the backing 1913 they recorded a temperature of fifty seven degrees celsius that's one hundred thirty four degrees fahrenheit right wow more than one hundred years later it still hasn't been beaten as hottest ever recorded air temperature on how you could practically freia i get that temperature right in fact um thing an oath to there is a uae oh did you just pull those eggs out of your pocket him on the head of the car while you were asking at cactus per directions earlier in the excuse me i'm just wondering if you could give us a directions to our campsite what in night sarah wayne that was like cactus i was talking to a year in one with a pretty prickly personality if you ask me now he drag it was hot enough outside to cook these eggs on the hood of the car wasn't quite a hundred and thirty four degrees out but still seem to do the trick meet the there's sand all over these exit kinney these also they've been sitting in your pocket for who knows how many hours nine hours behind hours it might have been a hot enough to fry an egg on the car earlier but no now the middle of the night really's turning the whole down here.

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