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Earthquakes even still a catastrophic earthquake can still lead to mud flows in rock falls but newly emerging research focuses specifically on subduction zone earthquakes like our own Cascadia subduction zone these earthquakes trigger your lan size than you might expect the lead scientist on the project tells me that while the study focused along the Oregon coastline similar results would be likely found in parts of western Washington I'm meteorologist Abby a county commonness what does a hundred and fifty million dollars get you in California the highest priced home ever sold it appears ABC's Alex stone explains from Los Angeles it's known as the Beverly hillbillies mansion because it's the home shown in the credits of the classic TV sitcom it is a massive is stated now it's apparently set a new California sales records selling for reportedly about one hundred fifty million dollars sources are telling the LA times the deal is done at one point it was priced at three hundred fifty million each twenty five thousand square feet dome sits on ten acres of prime real estate also part of the deal the former home of president Reagan and wife Nancy which is behind the main gate Alex down ABC news Los Angeles at twenty and fifty past the hour on come on hello insurance money update stocks did more whole lot today ending the session slightly higher the Dow Jones industrials rose twenty nine points the nasdaq composite gained thirty seven the S. and P. five hundred had nine two years ago glassdoor rank Facebook as the best place to work in the U. S..

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