President Trump, Anthony Weiner, President George W Bush discussed on 24 Hour News


It looks like Anthony Weiner, it will be a free man sooner than originally plan. The New York Post got its hands on paperwork from the fed. And it shows that Weiner has been a model inmate up at the federal medical center in Devon's Massachusetts. So he'll probably be released in may three months. Short of his twenty one month prison sentence. It was slapped with a sentence after pleading guilty last year to sexting with an underaged girl looks like rod Rosenstein job is safe. At least for now. President Trump telling reporters today that he has no plans to fire his deputy attorney general then the two sat together on Air Force One on the way to Orlando flew down together the press wants to know, what did you talk about? But we had a very good talk. I will say frozen size job is deputy AG habit. Inquest involving reports he had discussed the idea of secretly recording President Trump and invoking the constitution's twenty fifth amendment on him to remove him from office Rosenstein has denied those reports. Google shutting down Google, plus this after announcing that as many as half a million users may have had their data exposed by that bug that hit them in two thousand fifteen remember that quoting to reports the bug allowed outsiders potential access to Google plus data through Marta this year. But Google does not say anything publicly in part because of fears that they'd get in trouble. With regulators the daughter of longtime Arizona Senator John McCain back to her day job following the death of her father co-hosts, Meghan, McCain has made a tearful return to the view think there was a lot of talk about what died with him name here today to tell you it didn't. And she had another message regarding the discord going on in the country right now, I understand how divided out scared. A lot of people are looks like the fabric of democracy is fraying we do not surrender. I'm not surrendering. You don't do it either. So you have to join me in not surrendering. Okay. And wedding bells ringing for former first daughter, Barbara Pierce, Bush tying the knot yesterday during a private ceremony up in Maine the screen writer at Craig Lewis coin is now her husband Bush was asked to down the aisle by her dad. Former President George W Bush and their grandfather former president, George H W Bush wins news time five oh nine. Ram.

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