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You get your podcasts. Coming up next hour we're GONNA talk more about the debate last night in Nashville, but right now it's time for the C l o the Clo- The chief love officer are you ready sir? Here we go. All right. This one is from Derek and Louisiana Derek's Zama truck driver and I make good money. So I have a very nice home I have two grown children that don't live with me, but they have access to my home I was out on the road and finished early. So I came home early I pulled up to my house and I saw my son's car and my girlfriend's car both were there They were nowhere to be found inside. So I looked out back. It looks like they were in the poll having sex. Through my keys toward the pool and she jumped out and ran past me and out the gate I'm more upset with my son than my girlfriend how do I handle this? How low can you go? Look at your face. All dogs. Let's let's get a couple of things straight. Let's take away everything you said that. No one should have access to your home. She's Nacho girlfriend nomo. And he is steal your son. Now you have a problem. 'cause your son. has betrayed his father's trust. That's a violation. I don't know how or what that is I don't. I on my father too. He left his world come on hoped Amazon's would honor me. Way. I can't imagine how you must've felt. We'll see son and his position, the girl to hail with her. Girlfriend girl for you get another one of them she jumped out the pool and brand right past. How us, go on the way you ran past. Up. You know she knew what they was doing your son no man and they've grown. Has, been. Going on for deathblow brought you out working. So put everybody out Your House Off Explain to your son, how you felt what it, what it did to you Speak your mind you ain't got to hurt him. And then you know see how he come around the. Yard work through it. Folks. No I. Mean you know the sun is grown you might get atwill. Held his behind in their forte. All right. Lee. Clean Pula. Charlotte fellows says I'm twenty seven and I worked for a very wealthy man that has helped me out a lot. Financially. He's just a good guy that does not expect anything in return I use my corporate credit card last month to get to tires for my car and I've already paid the bill I totally account. What had what happened when she questioned the charge I told her it would never happen again but she's still reported it to my boss his wife because she's part owner his wife has been so upset and raising hell because she thinks I get special treatment I don't want her husband at all why can't he control his wife memo in Ain't control news what Do get special treatment and reason you use the company car to get you to ties was because you know you would get special treatment, the wife and Busta Chile. Best what the deal is as she part owner of the company and she ain't having, how can he control his wife? You got he got to control the way he got control the damn employees. Going now to your wife defending this heff embodies damn ties and see an ankle. How would ask where the? Baby Baby, she needed ties and where does it our job to pay for ties? Don't we pay her salary? During, this is not a win. So lady what you talking about, you ought to let you lucky you have a job. Yeah because you take a company card and you buy some personal items with it, that can cost you your job it can, and then you think should control his wife over you. Put Shoe over his wife is what you really saying, Girl Miss. FELICIA. In Oakland says I'm a thirty year old single man and I met a thirty year old woman with Beautiful Hazel is and that's all I could see because of our mass I got to know her over the phone and I'm a big fan of facetime but she's not I was dying to see her faith. So I convinced her to do it. I was so turned off when I saw her big grin and too big front teeth. Out Her mouth. I love pretty teeth and smiles, but we clicked and she's funny and smart. She's a pediatrician. So I know she can afford to get your teeth fixed. This is our only flaw. So would I be wrong to suggest a little dental work? Well, I don't know if you could suggest it. But you know obviously, she was winning with a maze. Obviously during the loss of mask has been Veja. Pouches hanging out. Highlights her. raggedy mouth seat don't these mass. This covert is dangerous times for players be careful players. So many people would pretty is. Ralph. You say. You've got swim about. Why she talk all the time did she hang to the mouth hanging open? You know a lot of stuff mask hide you know. The speak proper you can't even really tell about diction with mass going you know everybody sound muffled. Do Better Homework and now she's probably wonderful person like you say you get alone y'all click. Now Heat attrition. What is that? That's what kids maybe doctor. You. She should have been a don this. Offer. Dante. Vow. To go thanks all of you till now. It's yeah. All right. Listen coming up next nephew Tommy's run that prank. You're listening to David Hardy morning show. Or with Amino, Brown is a weekly podcast brought to you by Seneca Women podcast network and Iheartradio I'm your host Amina Brown and each week I'm bringing you hilarious storytelling and soulful conversation US entering the stories of black indigenous lattes x and Asian women each week we are going to laugh consider and reflect upon the Times join me as we remind each other to access joy effect change and be inspired listen to her with Amina Brown on the iheartradio APP. Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast. September seventeenth two. Thousand Nine twenty four year old my trees Richardson disappeared without a trace in the woods near Malibu California. and was never seen again. I'm Katherine Townsend, host of the podcast Helen Gone we're going to try to find out what really happened to my trace Richardson. School humans iheartradio present. 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