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Have some temperatures in the low fifties, some of the high forties. It's been clear out there. It's been cool. It's going to get up to about 70 degrees this afternoon, so it'll warm up slowly as we go. Right now. It's 6.1. Let's go check our businesses and Jeff Challenger. Good morning, Jeff. Good morning, Jimmy. The first of this week's reports on the job market will be out this morning. Economists think ADP will report the private employers added about 50,000 workers to their payrolls in January. Supply managers data on service sector activity and the weekly update on home loan demand are also on the way. Stocks rallied in yesterday's trading. The key indexes posted gains of between 1.4 and 1.6%. Alphabet shares advanced after hours, the parent of Google reported quarterly sales. The top Wall Street estimates digital advertisers increased their spending around the holidays. Online ad sales overall have rebounded since the start of the pandemic. And the desire to resume traveling will overcome many Americans. Reluctance to get the covert 19 vaccine. Nearly half of the people who responded to a new point Sky survey said their desire to travel will impact their willingness to get vaccinated. The senior travel editor at the points Guy says the arrival of vaccines has ignited optimism in the travel industry. Jimmy back to you. All right. Sounds good to me. It is 6.2 in a program on the terrible news that broken our show yesterday about the killing of those two FBI agents here in south for Let's talk about what we know this morning. Every I d correspondent Roya or Neil? You can follow him on Twitter by the way at radio Rory, come, Archie! Rory! What We know this morning about this. Good morning, Jimmy. We're learning some more information about the two agents who were killed Daniel Alison, Just 36 years old Special agent Laura Schwarzenberger 43 both had strong community involvement in addition to working as agents with the FBI. Both of them also in their FBI work, focusing on protecting Children they were carrying out. A search warrant is part of a child pornography case in sunrise, when apparently the suspect inside used one of those video doorbells to see the agents coming and opened fire through the door, killing two and wounding three others, but before they really even had a chance to respond. Right, And that dirtbag killed himself. We think inside that apartment. Yeah, That's what we think happened. There was a few hours have gone by. And then they finally went in to confirm that the person inside had taken his own life. Hey, was a computer consultant they apparently had traced His I P address is part of their child pornography investigation. They traced his I P to that apartment and we're executing a search warrant to go after him and the computers in his home, whether or not they knew he had so much firepower in his home. Is also part of the investigation. Right now. This is the type of radio carries out almost every day, right? I mean, this is something that they do and put themselves in danger all the time. It's typical and they end as usual. They went along with local law enforcement as well. It wasn't just the agents. They had some back up with local police officers. But apparently apparently they're just all caught off guard by the purpose suspect. Seeing them approach again. This was six o'clock in the morning so dark. Apparently the doorbell gave him the clue that someone was coming and he opened fire through the door. Unbelievable. I don't know where you live 35 years ago, but there was a killing of a Four or five agents here in south for back then, and we and they change what they were doing at that time. Because of that. Those murders they were carrying 38 revolvers then and they game basically an upgrade to nine millimeter guns, the agents and so you know, you gotta wonder what they'll do differently now. On what information this will tell him to make it safer for the agents will have to go ahead and execute these kind of search warrants. Yeah, And then do you do it with the person's home or do you get it as they come out of the apartment? Make a run to the grocery store. Is that when you move into grab them versus trying to raid these places where they don't think they had any reason to believe someone was inside being abused at that moment, So, um, you know why then take the risk of trying to Breakthrough into someone's apartment and we didn't again did they do the due diligence to find out if he had any weapons in the home like a concealed carry permit or something with heavier firepower? Right. God. Hey, Rory. Thanks so much We appreciate we'll talk tomorrow. A good day. I see it. All right, thanks to me. You know this? I don't think we've had an FBI agent murdered in the line of duty this way since 2008 If I remember correctly, So it's you know, it's Z horrible story, and these folks put themselves on the line every day. You think about how often these things take place? Obviously, it's a rarity that one of them gets injured must much less killed. But whenever it happens, it's once once too often. Apparently it Zale e that they do these rates. Well, I was reading this morning and so you know, you never hear about because they generally go smoothly. But I'm sure this will change the tactics because those ring doorbells will change a lot of things, right? Yeah, There's no question about it. And I don't even know if if they knew that they were being watched through that ring doorbell. Obviously you notice it when you're walking in, but Both of those special agents that were killed A dedicated I think 171 more than eight years to these, you know, special child sex investigation, so they were headed to it. Yeah, they sure were. 6 26 men, You've got something of our sports Is Jimmy the Miami Dolphins, taking an unusual out of the box step in hopes of improving its offense? Dual offensive coordinators. That's right. Head coach Brian Floors announced yesterday that Eric Studs villain George Godsey will be sharing the duties held last season by Chan Gailey. Miami's.

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