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Live from Mozz Military Museum. 50 75 South Hamilton Road and report or Lori, I believe I mentioned you guys are now officially opening that we are. We're here till five o'clock today. So come and visit and there are so many incredible displays. We talked about a couple. Can you get a little history on how this museum started? Wasn't your dad starting us? Yes. My father started it in the home that I grew up. He actually it became a nonprofit 1987. So we've been around for a while. They live in a big old Brickhouse and dad took basement. Actually, inbuilt showcase is in the basement. And, um and then we started having school bus. Children pull up and you could walk down the aisle. Yeah, I said you never knew who was going to be sitting at the table. But I got to meet lots of great guys like Paul Tibbets. He'd come over and sit at the table and have coffee. I don't know. He flew the Enola Gay. Yeah, he lived right here in Columbus. He was on our board. He this wonderful You had lunch with Pauly with him over here to get the house and I'd come home from School Now you know this is Mr Tibbets. Hey, You don't realize the city Lauper Leave me alone. Yeah, and all these guys right here. We're standing in the POW exhibit, and I knew all these thes people here. I got to be raised with a bunch of wonderful individuals. So your dad's a professional photographer rights where you've got it working right? A commercial photographer. He had some business, So he dedicated his list is his main livelihood. Keeping this afloat, Correct? Yes. He sold his business and decided to found a building and Decided it was in this building before. Originally this is a wing. We added on it was a plant land that building in the front was a vacant had been vacant for probably five or six years. So that yeah, so we're broadcasting live here in Montes Military Museum and working in conjunction with Vance outdoors, Right, Joseph? We were going to do a broadcast. And a car show at your place. But that didn't come to be correct. Absolutely, You know, once again the Vance family and looked at the totalitarian what's going on in the world today and thought the best thing was to, you know, kind of Listen to the governor and shut things down and and proceed with the car show next year. Hopefully, and this is all passed by then. And we're back to normal. But that didn't slow us down as far still trying to raise money for honor flight. We still kept the raffle going. We still you know, kind of Got the assistance of our vendors, communities. You know Scott McLaurin or Westerville Auto and people are donating Lonnie Alonso and you know the time and effort. Money advance put into Put this thing all together. We still were working hard to raise and raffle off gifts. So that being said you're helping out honor flight You mentioned to that the legendary Pete Mackenzie, the executive director is here and you guys are still working. Even though the flights have been cancelled for this year. Yeah, the flights have been postponed. Move it off until we can. We can go safely for everybody involved. So what? I need to ask you this and I know you get this all the time. But what will be the The okay point for you guys because we're commercials of flights are flying. But is it because D. C is not opening in the memorial. I mean, what's stopping it right now? Other than the obvious with but We do half a plane for something like that. I don't understand. Well, our issues, you know? The community that we serve. Our seniors are senior veterans, so they're they're the most at risk Roca in in in in America, I mean, you look at the statistics if you're living in a nursing home. It's Ah, It's it's it could be challenged and savage Vietnam veterans. Probably 68 75 years old, I guess, right, mid mid minutes cigarettes and thanks thing you have to remember. Boots is a lot of these veterans and this is what makes it so important to you. Sponsor this program and get it to get it Get the flights going again is that most of these veterans of Vietnam, especially a lot of these people, exposed chemical agents and things and have Legitimate illnesses that are shortening their life span. They're not going to live to the nineties that the World War two and the Korean War veterans there are you know these they've found if I've listened to Pete At the Guardian meetings. You know that the Vietnam veterans are actually dying off roughly the same rate as the the World War. Two in Korean War veterans in my room right there, Pete that they've got some significant issues that that well. Hinder them. I mean, I have noticed it when I've gone on flights. You know a lot of the Vietnam veterans. Ah, require assistance. Now, Scott, look lures here from Western a lot of motive. And you have a personal stake in this as well too, Because your father was on our flight was enough. Yeah, exactly that. My father got to go in October of 2016 as a Korean War vet and It's one of how I got.

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