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Well of course as soon as you don't worry about things is often the time you should be worrying about things but but yes i think in part inflation isn't the top of our list of concerns at the moment but it's still got to be kept there in the back of in the back of one's mind don't seem great inflationary pressures anywhere in the world at the moment despite many countries actively trying to encourage inflation such as japan encouraging and having failed so that's not one of our concerns we nonetheless expect interest rates to to rise sweet expect steadily rising interest rates out of the us this year not by leaps and bounds but just gentle tweaks upwards hugh this is of course the last big inflation data point before the fed meets next week do we expect this to change the policy outlook at all i think that that inflation number change change you look it will just really confirm i think most people think of his has been going on so so it's not going to be a cause for for change all right hugh young you're staying with us still ahead we are turning to cats are cash raising continues as it offloads its entire stake in viola we look at the measures doha is taking as a deals with the ongoing standoff with its gulf neighbors pretty crazy to think that that's now in its and month but up next emerging markets veteran mark mobius gives his two cents on china's regulatory overhaul and what it means for investors we're going to hear from him next and make sure you stay tuned to bloomberg tomorrow our global economics editor michael mckee is going to speak live to canadian prime minister justin trudeau this is bloomberg seize the chance to acquaint yourself with germany's first female chancellor angela merkel a chancellorship forged in crisis bloomberg news correspondents alan crawford and tony tissue ska explore merkel's unconventional policies and potential influence as europe struggles through a crippling financial crisis discover a fascinating leader in her political and cultural context angela merkel a chancellorship forged in crisis is a bloomberg press title published by wiley available wherever books and e books are sold remember when getting.

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