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Scurvy ball blazes a total of twenty eight democratic senators and both independence now urging senator al franken to resign after being accused of sexual misconduct by several women including k abc's only an tweeting another woman announced today that franken tried to forcibly kiss her and two thousand six uh just like he did to leaann in that same year franken's as he's going to make a announcement tomorrow and he may announce his resignation a prominent la rabbi as praising president trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel and the president also ordered the us embassy in israel to be move from tel aviv to jerusalem marvin hier the founder and dean of the simon wiesenthal center was at the white house for the announcement on israel all the foreign leaders that visit no that the government buildings are in jerusalem dave make official visits and then they pretend that israel doesn't have a capital and president trump said i'm not pretending jerusalem is the capital of israel period and rabbi higher says that in saying it the president is not interfering with the middle east peace process can jeffries k abc news when donald trump jr testified today before the house intelligence committee correspondent maharaj uses the president's son was asked about his meeting with russian officials at trump tower in the summer of 2016 and said that he actually communicate initially would hope hopex who's now the white house communications director about how to respond to those initial reports he said he did not communicate directly with his father though his father was aware about this because he was communicating separately with hopex deciding on whether or not to put out a longer or shorter statement initially now we know separately that president trump was involved in some of those discussions about that initial response on air force one and a quick update on the screwball fire which has grown to four hundred seventy five acres eleven homes damaged four destroyed by your officials say seven hundred homes have been evacuated along with an apartment building talk radio.

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