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I'm not gonna digress Any further on that. That season had an opportunity to be a ten or an eleven win season. Certainly ten win season. He missed the kick in london. That would have been a ninth win. He missed two kicks against dallas on thanksgiving day. That could have been another one and he missed a big kick against detroit in a game that they could have won it. Just he's missed. He's made some big kicks to he. Missed a big. Pat against seattle last year late in the season. I don't i don't understand why they don't bring in anybody to push him. I don't think they will. You'll hear what ron rivera said about him. Coming up shortly but hopkins was obviously the number one trending player for washington from that game. And you know a lot of you are sick to your stomach that he is not being competed with camp. The guy that kicked for new england last night he did miss a pat but he was three for three on field goals and looked really really good. Remember their lead kicker nick folk so this guy His name is nordine. I think quinn nordine you know. D- trade for him. The ascend who england sixth rounder. And say we want him now and we want him to compete with our guy for the rest of camp. I don't know because He's gonna get released and he'll probably get picked up if he continues to kick this way. Hopkins was on the things that i did not like list. That's an obvious one. You the tackling wasn't great The rookie jason davis didn't show anything but i don't have a big problem with that. He's thinking a lot. Put him in a lot of different positions. It's a city cerebral position on defense middle linebacker. He's not just lining up rushing the passer. It's going to take some time. Probably with a guy like davis. I would not come to any serious conclusion. On jamie davis his first experiences an as an nfl player The tackling it was sloppy in the second half even in the first half That's it I hated that. Nbc sports washington started the broadcast with full screen. Chirons showing football team. You know was patriot was patriots and football team and then clearly they got a lot of complaints and they dropped it and they put washington in their remember. Nobody you know should be referring to them as football team. It's not touchdown football team it's touchdown washington. It's not i down football team. It's first down washington. It's not a full screen. Chiron the score football team versus new england or football team for the patriots. It's washington that's the way you would say that's the way you would say it. Set fifty percent of the time when it was redskins nbc. Sports washington shouldn't have made that mistake from the beginning. They did fix it When we come back. I'm gonna play some of the things that ron rivera said. Including what he said about dustin hopkins. And i thought there were a couple of things taylor heinecke said about two of the young players that i want you to hear. That's next right after these words from a few of.

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