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Dallas Cowboys, Alec Baldwin, Football discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz


Over Stephen a Smith. We can't get dick Cody. So here is how terrible all of us are at this predicting of games because I think we can all agree that last night he for yourself. I think we can all agree that last night. What we saw his football was maximum football in the relooked. The result was football. That's my analysis of the mall. One of the saints. Cowboys game is America's team dead. That's that was my analysis after week one analysis today of the Dallas Cowboys was football was football last night. And it was maximum football. So we can't get anything. Right. So last week Alec Baldwin was our big winner at two and three, and it may not have even been out. All right. I was out Donnie Wahlberg was one three and one. But fortunately, Colin cowherd was one enforced. So both Donnie Wahlberg and Alec Baldwin beat Colin cowherd and now. We're only two games this disaster of a Baldwin season. We are still only two games behind Collin Collin cowherd. Just to now. Unfortunately, the Walberg four nine in one. So they can get the hell out of here. Really four nine and one like Mark wanted to spend some quality time with us down here in studio. Maybe doing a show or something or nine and one wall wall birds and span got along. So well with Danica. Yeah. Bolt. The Baldwin's are thirty one twenty seven into led by fiery streak from sibling Beth or what was alleged was sibling Beth wasn't that. It was Beth this fraud fraud Daniel bowl, you apologize for the Walberg s- right now, I don't wanna ruin our relationship with though, I'm serious. I mean, Mark likes you. I'd like some people to win some games for us in the the Walberg s- can get their four nine and one the hell out of you guys. I'm really close to have and to break glass in case of emergency. And go to our ringer Garrett. Top. Oh, that's right. I meant that dude. I met that. I'm meant that dude. The brother of carrot top is actually named Garrett. He was also a fighter pilot. What do you know that? I listen. What strange things you memorize how many years ago? Did we have garett top the brother of carrot top on our show? I don't know like four or five a remember. He was a fighter pilot. Yes. I vaguely remember he was a fighter pilot. But I remember this because I was backstage with carrot top talking to Garrett top you remembering it as something you heard on the radio for years ago as an undefined for you to restore he's odd though billion that he is also odd today. I would argue before we go to the bucket of death. Because there's a odd thing happening today can someone please help me with it as as a show that enjoys mocking sports radio and sports coverage..

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Dallas Cowboys, Alec Baldwin, Football discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

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