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But there's really nothing special there so in the end. I it's a d- Grade for the boston. Celtics this offseason and i'm sure a lot of their fans would agree Next we've got the brooklyn nets bringing back a couple of players and you know not spencer dinwiddie obviously But blake griffin comes back on a minimum contract. James johnson gets brought in for a minimum contract. Bruce bruce brown who played some solid minutes during that playoff run got a one year. Four point seven million dollars contract and the best signing that they made certainly one of the best signings of the entire off season has to be patty mills agreeing to a two year. Twelve million dollar deal to be the backup point guard for the brooklyn nets. He's gonna bring a lot of leadership a lot of experience to this team. And he's you know. I mean championship experienced guys. I mean one for the spurs and That is a very very solid. Pick up for them and when last year you could obviously tell they had little to no depth this is going to be huge addition and of course adding james johnson blake griffin. Gives you a lot of physicality down low and on the bench. Of course so It'll be very interesting to see how the nets a do it. And of course recently it just got brought out that they also signed Kevin durant to that max contract extension which is huge man being able to keep that guy there for the for the foreseeable future is only going to do good things for the nets because that guy is one of the best players in the nba as we all know. So i'm gonna give the nets a b. plus. I think a b. pluses a good grade there because they didn't make any huge moves but of course it didn't need to. They got a huge top heavy team. It was just rounding out the roster and they did a pretty solid job of that. I would have liked to see Maybe a better center. I'm just not a fan of de'andre jordan. i know. He has great chemistry with the the superstars. But i don't know. I'm just not i'm not a fan there But but definitely getting blake griffin back. Adding james johnson. Bruce brown is back and patty mills. Huge trade Huge joan get getting free agency. Gotta give them a b. Plus next we go to the charlotte hornets now. The hornets traded devante graham to pick up eight two twenty two lottery protected. First round. Pick from the pelicans huge. Because they weren't gonna keep devante graham. He was kind of you know he had a inconsistent year last year. And obviously they're going more with terry rozier year lamelo ball. They got their backward. They're not looking to devante. Graham has proven himself at least from the year before that he wanted a big contract and he got that from the pelicans charlotte hornets. We're not going to give him that. They brought in is schmidt kind of be the backup guard A lot of veteran experienced there and then a big get is well kelly. Oubre junior being added to this to this team is well for two year. Twenty six million dollar contract. that's huge. I mean ads athleticism. Three point shooting And it's going to be a very fun team to watch in charlotte this year But just nothing really like just jumped out at me. I i like the kelly oubre signing but it just was not enough and then smith. He's not going to give much one year. Four point five million dollar contract. It's all right. So i'll give him a c plus like it wasn't bad i mean maybe a b minus but i'm leaning more towards the c plus grade. 'cause i just didn't see much from this from this off season for the hornets and i mean they're not. I guess they did. Maybe enough to get into that playoff picture. But it's still going to take a lot of improvement from lamelo ball. You need another solid season from gordon hayward and obviously pj washington needs to improve as well. So we're going to have to see what goes on with charlotte next. We got the chicago bulls. That's a big one. I was really interested in seeing what the bulls we're going to do after bringing mussa vich during the season and not working out and they end up bringing in the marta. Rose and i wanna three year eighty five million dollars signing trade. Now when i saw this. I was excited. Because i thought the marta rose ins inbetween game from the mid to to to the paint can work really world around shooters like lonzo ball levin and vucevic but then i saw what they gave up in order to bring him in and that was that he's young. Who was probably one of their best players last season. I'll go as far as to say. He was their second best. Player behind levine. And a first round pick and two second round picks and alpha amino amino. I mean that just seems like far too much for a guy that was already leaving the san antonio spurs and i mean good on san antonio man i mean to pick up all that draft capital and a solid two veterans for mortar rosen. Who you weren't gonna keep anyways That's big social that at first. Maybe it was going to be a net like neutral neutral net but now it looks more like a net negative especially since we don't know how to mortar. Rosen's gonna look with this team. Because i'm just just for me thinking about it. I thought it would be a good fit and it probably still will be and if it is. It's a net positive especially if they make the playoffs that's what they want but then they also got a lonzo ball on a sign and trade. They sign him to a four year. Eighty five million dollar contract very solid valley for a guy who improved leaps and bounds. Last year i mean the shot making the ability to play make. Obviously you can't do much in the half court he's more of that fast-break guy and then you'll spot up. But you know. I mean you got guys like the marta rose in levin to kind of handle the ball. So you need the ball in his hands all that much. And they only gave up. Thomas at iran's king garrett temple i it doesn't really matter 'cause lonzo ball's obviously going to be the starting point guard and then he got koby white and can be off the bench. Maybe play off the bench so The solid solid. Pick up there for lonzo ball. I love that move. Then you get alex caruso a do it all guard for year. Thirty seven million dollars contract. Very solid pickup bulls didn't trade daniel ties to the rockets to get that eight point. Twenty eight million dollar trade exemption from depot. So you know. At least they didn't lose them for nothing. And then bring in tony bradley. A young center who played for philadelphia last year had some solid moments for a two year. Three point eight million dollar deal. You know risk there you know you get to see what he can do and maybe he can back up. Especially since you're losing daniel thais you get a you know a center that can give you some backup minutes and maybe you can see what he turns into so all in all some good moves. Some questionable moves. But i like what they're trying to do here to try to make themselves a playoff contender there in the east. So i gotta give them at least a b. a i don't think they deserve a b. minus because they did what they had to be made moves if this would easily be an eight minus to be plus type of great here but i gotta give it a b to be minus grade and i it should because there's still a lot of questions up in the air on how these four guys of the rosen ball levin and usage will work together once we see that will know how this will turn out so be to be minus for the chicago. Bulls cleveland cavaliers. All done a sign jared allen to a five year hundred-million-dollar max extension. Isn't max actually. I don't think it's max but still regardless five hundred million dollars for a center who can certainly protect the pain a.

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