Adil, China, Hundred Percent discussed on Love Island: The Morning After


Won't go there again is ricky arab babe land well it's not as what life is about hopefully guys don't make the same mistakes i did adil is what hundred percent gonna go fill threats to china and back again where we don't know but he's gail could look and so the boys ages the perfect time for them to come in and it's going to be very very interesting this week actually quite excited for lada because they don't know sex guys come in and is probably still thinking back of his head i've got this i'm not i'm not only just got like hot babe mega and light chase not to but laura's like totally in love maine still crying about may and then bam sixty guy's gonna come in and i reckon laura is gonna love at least three of them hope so she deserves that laura's going to be straight and she's a babe our rudy do hope she does i'm really really excited for her she deserves someone older a little bit more mature but we don't know older out of just two ways just think use of immature and on near horizons on the horizon i am so excited europe addiction kim he thinks going to have their head timed the stall pretty much everyone jack donnie food i pretty much everyone else their heads would turn i'm being honest i'm going to say everyone but samsa mira you think jack and danny head will be turned just say you've got it over javale you've got it the morning after we get to today's predictions have a little listen to this snippet from the voice of the villain self mr ian starling from choosy night's episode yesterday to couples but the dos than i believe tom and theory tom this yes and i'm so pleased to say that we have that mrs tom gren in on the phone right and i tom how are you my friend it's so nice to hear your voice on the love island show i was i was sure did you know about that not just what should i didn't always had a had my name be mad about yeah home is gone you join the show i'll think i think his mike if kicking off a little bit think if i last night's episode dramatic a full in the good book 'cause he agreed is has behavior or not no way on did he didn't treat it he didn't treat it well two comes the way they won't they won't pretty bedroom just went on enough 'cause i think i think lauda cats are karma i mean no that she she came across appropriate at all about and she decided she was an power apologizing for coding negga ever she could have a focused yeah foresee the situation not offers sick it's what did you think about island is going that you expect it do you know what yeah i was again from the boys snake that mate nike yeah we because obviously he was in a couple of winning today did little bit they're put out of other sent sent other present alex i get no china he's hottest chines different girls he hasn't got there has had three chances no ought to valley and rid of article meg kanji division i actually really love meghan i just feel like near that beautiful you can get away with dame whatever you want you want to win wanna win i kind of want i want johnson donnie to nothing i think that they all could i think they're big firefighter everyone at night not they've just kind of they just get on well night in that supply in a game but the thing is when people don't really vote for a minute would you think about the new island is coming in it's gonna kickoff in gonna kick off and that.

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