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And I have a store Dave of we talked about Paul Krugman on this show at all. I. I hate Paul Krugman. And I don't normally say that about a columnist or someone I disagree with like, I happen to think E J Dion at the Washington Post is an idiot. But I don't hate him. I hate Paul Krugman because he's so wrong. All the time people point out that he's wrong all the time. He never admits that he's wrong all the time and stupid people quote, Paul Krugman. If I see somebody trying to make it argument, and they use Paul Krugman as I will literally say if you cannot come up with a different economists to support your opinion. I know you're not very smart. Because Paul Krugman is a moron. And today's Paul Krugman story is part of a bigger arc. That's playing itself out right now. Paul Krugman tweeted out a photo of the angry, white nationalists from Charlottesville and under. It says this under his this is his tweet, Paul Krugman. There are three things in life that are certain death taxes, unless you're Donald Trump and persistence of anti-semitism, but only one brand of they anti-semitism scares me. And it's not on the left. Okay. So is he saying that as long as you vote democrat? You can hit us too. Because it kind of looks like that's what he's saying. You know, Paul Crocker heat this guy. I I have I have physical hatred for him because he's one of those people I have the same feeling for him that I have for Alex Jones Laird even hate Alex Jones because just dismiss Alex Jones, Paul Krugman is to the left in his own way. What Alex Jones is to the right? Remember on election night is the one the day after they said, well, the economy's going to crash it's going to crash, and it's never going to recover with the Trump presidency. Visit night they're only the stock market went up the next day. I mean, yes, Dave the Nobel prize in economics. Even I can't even don't even remind me of that. Of course, he shares Nobel prize for rock Obama. Stop it soft at right now, the Nobel isn't what it used to be as well. They know I would have to say the Nobel has tarnished their own image through the years giving. Awards to this nincompoop. I mean, I already know I'm not one of those people that advocates like you should be fired. This guy should be fired from every job. He's ever had like people should call them and say, hey, I know you worked at a grocery store back in nineteen sixty five you're fired. That's what should happen right now. He should not be in. Then he and then he should have have to walk around with electrical tape over his mouth. So he can't talk 'cause he's just an, and I actually know people that I think are intelligent that read him in the New York Times. And they think oh, this guy has some credibility because the New York Times wouldn't put an idiot and their yes. Yes. They would. Golly. Hate this guy. And now, we know as long as you're democrat. You can hate him for being Jewish. That's fine. No big deal that and that's like soft anti-semitism that's the soft hatred of Jews that soft kinds find the kind where they smile to your face. And then while you turn around they stab you in the back. That's the good kind. Right. According to Paul Krugman 'cause. Increasingly that is the problem. The Democratic Party is having any of the accounts that I've been reading in the hill dot com, and politico and all these other political websites over the past thirty six hours. Nancy Pelosi is now having to apologize for wanting to put forth an amendment which condemns anti-semitism, but it gets better. It gets better people. There is a column that I linked to today in hot air that pointed something out to me that I did not even I I simply could not figure out. This particular thing. Representative Ilhan Omar the woman who is an anti Semite from way back. This is not new her unfortunate comments about Israel and Jews overall. No, she's been doing this for a long time. She's forty years old. She's not a child. So when I hear Democrats say she really should learn from her own mistakes. She's forty flipping years old. She knows exactly what she's doing. There's no doubt my mind, just like Rashida to leap, she knew exactly that she was calling Representative Mark meadows racist. She knew she was. And when she got called on it all of a sudden, it's like, oh my gosh. That's so I did not mean that at all. Yes. Dave world Nancy Pelosi this morning in front of reporters said I'm sure she didn't realize what she was saying feathers antisemitic, but others reacted to it has to be more sensitive. Shut up Nancy. This woman has a documented history of anti-semitism. She has this is her jam. And now, this is the best part Dave is gonna make your head exploded you ready now the presidential candidates for president are framing her as the victim. Oh, yeah. This from hot air, but a few dams most notably Kamala Harris have taken the extra step of trying to present Omar herself as the wronged party. She said, oh, excuse me receipt, at Toledo who I just mentioned hard to watch Representative Scalise demand that Representative Omar be removed from house foreign affairs without wondering if it steeped in Islamic phobia. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So now, she's the victim. Dave. It's just Islamaphobia that people are calling you're out on her anti-semitism. It's just because they hate Muslims. A first of all they wanted to do an anti semitism resolution. Okay, fine. But there was pushback from now can't do that have to have anti Muslim in there as well. Yes. Anti everyone, which means the thing is meaningless exactly right now. It's meaning jeans absolutely nothing. And also, it doesn't mention her by name. Now. Now, would we have this resolution had she not made anti semitic remarks? I don't think so. So let's call it. The Omar resolution. We should. But we won't. No, we won't Brad. Stevens wrote in the New York Times, a very interesting paragraph as the criticism of Omar mounts. It becomes that much easier. For her to seem like the victim of a smear campaign rather than the instigator of a smear. The secret of anti-semitism has always rested in part on creating the perception that the anti-semite is in fact, the victim of Jews and their allies just which powers that be are orchestrating that campaign. Why are they afraid of open debate? And what about all the bigotry on their side? The fact that we are still having conversations about anti-semitism in the United States of America. We are not that far away from World War Two. We are not that far away from a very recent example of absolute attempted genocide against the Jewish people. And yet this is where we are today. The Democratic Party is fighting about an anti anti-semite or anti-semitism resolution. They're fighting about it. This should have been a no brainer. This should have been the ship sailed through the house with no problem at all. But their caucus has anti-semites in it. That's the only conclusion I can I can bring I mean, how could you come to any other conclusion? Really? It's my blowing. And this is our major political party the democ. Could you imagine let me give you a flip side of this? Can you imagine if House Republicans went to put forth, a proclamation condemning white nationalism and a handful of Republican freshmen members of the house pushed back and said, well, we can't just make it about white nationalism because that's not fair. Could you imagine what the headlines would be? This is exactly the same. This shoe is on the other foot. This should be an embarrassment. This should be a horror show and Democrats should be really ashamed that this is happening in their party that these people are in their party, just like if David Duke was in congress right now, I as a Republican would be mortified. Every republican. I know has absolutely rejected everything white nationalist across the board. And yet when you talk about anything when you talk about defending our borders. Well, it's obviously, you're white nationalist racist. No, no. But are all Democrats smeared his anti-semites? Of course, not because it's ridiculous thinking people know not to do that. But it never goes that way for people on the right? Yes. Stayed the intrepid it shouldn't. We shouldn't have even had a resolution. She should've been censured kicked off the foreign whatever committee. She's on. And call it a day. And that's it. We didn't need to have all this angst. Yeah. Exactly. Breath. They won't take care of business in their own house. So David I we're talking about this yesterday. The reason why is she's the first Muslim woman elected to congress. They're not gonna come down on that. She checks too many victim boxes. Dave. It's embarrassing. But when you live and die by identity politics. That's what you get seriously. Hey, Rick, you're on KOA NewsRadio. Rick. As my wait. Did I okay? Granted. You put them on hold. What's happening? Can you get him? Oh, hey, Rick. There you go. Yeah. I called because there's a guy wrote a long time ago east is east west is west, and they're the twain shall meet. That's the starting line. That was about eastern culture versus western civilization. We've got western civilization for two or three thousand years Judeo Christian and we've got invaders. From eastern cultures particularly from the Moslem culture that don't belong in this country. And that's too good examples of the Falmouth Muslim from Michigan. And this illion, Omar. Good examples of don't need them. Get them out of there. Go get him off their committees. They are they come from a stated policy of conquering the infidels that's the western civilization. Well, I I don't disagree that there are Muslims who have no desire to adopt an embrace that American way of life, and I'm kind of with you, and that they don't have any place here. But you know, I also want to be clear that for me. I welcome everybody. If they want to adopt the American dream, and they wanna move the American dream, and they don't expect to have me her tail my activities to make them happy. We're all good. I understand that. 'cause I have friends that came here from the Middle East from Arab countries. And I've been there two different times. And I know some in that part of the world and they're not. Indoctrinated by the Muslim Brotherhood to kill all the infidels and take over the world. But there are some and we've got two of them in congress right now don't belong because they don't have any western civilization or western ideology. History. Ed, I ju- anti Christian because I wouldn't western civilization. I would agree with you. Rick. We'll continue this conversation. Well, yeah, it helps if people would look at the depth of four. Rudyard Kipling was Cohen from one wrote that he was born in India raised in turmoil between the Muslims and the Hindus the majority of of India. Yeah, rick. I appreciate that. But I gotta make room for the news. So Susan Witkin what is coming up right now in your newscast. We've got congressman Ken buck coming up next. Oh, terrific. Avalanches and avalanche. Mitigation portions of I seventy now open, but some still close I've got the very latest for you at one thirty on KOA, NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM.

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