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If that horse is half as good as nature strip. Then good luck. These sprinters will just have to wave a white flag before the race even begins. As long as there isn't a repeat of what happens to the Wesley ward horse last year, actually I shouldn't mention that because Mark was up to his eyeballs on that cool more horse that day, oh dear. Moving swiftly along, but Aiden is now running a couple of forces this season that have sprinting aspirations that little big bear who obviously bumped out in the 2000 guineas. I'd still like to see him go for the 2000 guineas. I think they're going to go for the greenlands with him. Aesop's fables. We saw a run over the weekend, wasn't surprised that noble style got beaten. I was a little bit surprised that it was wasn't closer. So you could argue that, well, the Antarctic is clearly he's a winner, and he's the one who's going to step forward, so he's probably going to be there. Their main Alaska horse with hopefully little big bear. But it's just, I don't know. That come World Cup has a long way to go yet, markets entirely possible that he will be good enough to go on winners, but something that the king stand, for example, that that will be off the table now in my mind. Yeah, he's not going to ruin the king's standards. He still run in the Commonwealth cup. Like you say, there's a little bit of water to go into the bridge there. I think at this moment, I've been leading towards sakhir because I thought his ruining the Guinea suggested that he be a very, very good sprinter. I don't think he just quite saw it. I was just being chatting. I was just having a look through potassium previous performances because I was going back quite a long way. And it's interesting, isn't it? Because I had in my mind that the touch, of course, it was a full brother to the Antarctic, isn't it? Had in my mind that batash was a little bit of a late developer and he was going back through took him quite a long time, didn't it before he actually got off the mask and didn't destroy himself at royal ascot as a juvenile. They killed him. Even after a gelding race, doing ended up getting beaten three times in a row. And then he really began to flourish from the summer of his three year old season, I think it was. So just looking at that, but what I'm essentially trying to say is there's hope that the Antarctic could go on and become a lot better than he's already shown. If he follows that sort of similarly late developing path as his father attached. Well, that's interesting because we're going to have 8 in a couple of weeks. And I do remember last year when I was doing one of the many stable tours with him, he made that point that there are obviously never going to guild the Antarctic as long as he is showing his form. They spent 750 grand on them and the whole plan is to give him a career at start. But that they're very much aware of how difficult batash was and that that gives them a great helping hand. And I think they spoke with Charlie hills about the kind of temperament issues that they had behind the scenes with him. Possibly on the day that they were buying the Antarctic just to get a feel for what kind of personality is. So that's a really interesting point to make because, yeah, he's two year old career after he was glad he had three starts. He was, he was okay, but nothing great. And then at steady progression is three year old career, when he rocks up a sequence of wins, over 5 for a long time and then becomes the dominant sprinter of his time. I'm not saying that the Antarctic is going to be that fella, but Trish just put something on my screen, which is very interesting.

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