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That kind of bring it to a friend in camp is not gonna work the same way Ready Moster, who have lied the 40 Niners in the Super Bowl last year because an undrafted players right? What happens the players like show up the training. And now do not get game minutes. Jeff Wilson Jr. Who did not make the team out of preseason last year, had a great week for 100 rushing yards in the final preseason game last season Eyes Captain Touchdown passes any kind of game Would it just don't believe in a game for the Niners last year, So there's a health issue for all this? I'm also well, It's just I don't know how they're going to play football. That's the one that's real weird to me and I think basketball, for the most part, seems like their system is working. Baseball's the up in the air one. But none of those are, you know, involved, climbing on top of each other for three hours and making the captain contact the football players are going to make so. Yeah, The quality of the play is going to be different, and I think that that's just something we live with. This stands like I think we're so desperate for this that watching stadiums without fans, and it's sounding a little weird or looking Folke that they're all playing on the same court is one thing, but I think their health and how the long term effects of what this could do to football on the player's union, I think are a little bit more questionable, just based on what the job opportunities are. Coming into a season like this. Yeah. Yeah. And I'm concerned, too, about the health as you mentioned because, you know, we don't need Jimmy Garoppolo pulling a hammy trying to hand the ball off. You know, That's not what we want to see happen, right? No again. Every 2020 Right? One other football note that I want to throw out there is the Washingtons. They have? No. They have no team name for 2020. Now they've announced now that they're gonna go forward with noting This is a unique situation, and I actually like it. I know a lot of people don't I think they should stick with the Washington football team. Yeah, It's kind of a nice little purgatory through them, Then, right. Like you don't get a logo. Yes, Name. Let's just call it the Washington football team Bang. The gavel would move on. I think it be kind of cool you with the blank helmet. The Steelers do that on one side of their helmets anyway, right? They just having a logo on work. I go with the black maroon helmet Did Washington football Club with Washington United Football Club will make it a Make it a soccer team. Yes, from it, but frankly, I don't know issue. I got no issue. I don't really care, to be honest with you just a racist and Cleveland Indians or next. By the way, we're coming for them next. Chart and the Braves get out of there. On my way to Florida State. They were coming for them after that. What? We're going to take him, all right? And congratulations, incidentally, to the city of Seattle, who announced they'll a new major league sports team today. Yeah, they have an official name. The cracking. I think it was back in 2018 or 2017 with the city of Seattle was awarded an N F o friend and NHL franchise, And I think that's I think the Las Vegas Night got to change this for the NHL right. They were the first expansion team to make it to the championship round of been a reading their first season and that they made it all the Stanley Cup in there in a hell of Ah, playoffs. With the sharks that year, but I'm in the following season. Joe Pavelski with a five minute major and all that, But yeah, the Seattle or Seattle cracked it, I guess is what they're gonna call. It looks like a mystical Sea monster, right? I think Pirates of the case for the crash. And their fans have already begun calling themselves crackheads. True story. This's true what I had not seen. But hey, man, you give you give a group of us had something to root for. We have a very nice They're doing like a caliber shows on ice before games on. Adam Copeland is the host of leadoff spot five AM on KNBR. And it's been a pleasure talking to Adam. Thank you so much for your time today. And that's what I need. Yeah, Yeah, Giant it's going to be on can be our sister station. As he said. First pitch.

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